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Record delay because of Trump?


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U2 relevant? Not in the least. At the end of the day they're musicians and nothing more. Relevance goes out the window when you start siding with politicians that you cannot vote for.


I'll bet you that if U2 lost their funding from this multi album deal they'd be putting out that album stat. They need to be in an uncomfortable financial place again. You hear that guys? You need to remember the music comes first.



I know so many more dedicated (and talented) bands that don't make excuses for why an album isn't out or won't be.

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The world has known very well for decades what U2 is like. When people buy a ticket to U2, they have no reason to expect anything other than what U2 is. To get a ticket to that & then complain that U2 is being U2 - it's kind of like getting a ticket to a zoo & then complaining that you only went to see the elephants & giraffes & you don't know why you have to see the polar bears, too.




*likes this post very much too!*

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I'm with you, Alma.


Let us also not forget that the UK, US and soon-to-hold-election countries in Europe

are all being targeted by Russian (and others') disinformation Psy-ops.  

The electorates have been tainted.  I don't consider this a "free and fair" election.

There are legitimate concerns, now, as a result of where the country went under Obama.

The country still would have voted Republican this time, I think.  

But it would not have gone for Trump without having been manipulated by adversaries. 



We are so far away from any sort of "center" in this country, and the polarization is getting worse. 

Very very Dangerous.

Our Democracy really is under active attack and threats...

Not to worry.  

We will prevail.

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This is what happens when people read a headline and not a full article.


Are you responding to me, Peter?


No, not to you at all! I'm responding to all the people who saw the headline 'U2 delay album because of Trump' (or something along those lines) and then didn't bother to read the full article. It's also an issue created by the media and clickbait journalism, a whole multitude of things. I completely agree with you, a Trump presidency could be bad news for everyone!

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It's not true unfortunately that "it was a democratic election" & "democracy played out."


This was the 1st national election in 50 yrs w/out the full protection of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) that Martin Luther King Jr & others died to achieve. Because of the Civil Rights Movement, the tricks used to stop blacks from voting were outlawed. The VRA required states that were historically oppressive & abusive to blacks to get federal permission after that before making changes to their voting laws.


When we got a black President, some argued that America no longer had enough racism to make the VRA necessary. They got the VRA protections relaxed. As soon as that happened, southern states went back to their old shenanigans - and some new ones - to take away the voting rights of blacks, other minorities, & the poor. This time, a couple of 'heartland' states did also. A couple of northeastern states engaged in shenanigans also. For ex, Ohio fought in court before the election for the 'right' to keep the audit (honesty) function turned *off* on voting machines! They were allowed to.


What the voting-rights-abusive states had in common: Republican control. What those who had their voting rights denied to them had in common: they belong to 'groups' that tend to vote Democrat. One poli sci professor estimates at least 1 million Americans were denied their voting rights, & it's estimated that probably 3 million were. Add that to the almost 3 million more votes Hillary got than Trump: it's about 6 million.


Add to that the pro-Trump election-process hacking activity that people say Trump encouraged, & which 17 American intelligence agencies said Russia's Kremlin was behind. 

Add to that the anti-Hillary, unprecedented interference in the election-process by the FBI director, which wound up, as usual, being only a witch-hunt against her.


This was *not* a legitimate election. Trump is an illegitimate 'President Elect.' And w/Trump being dismissive of his own country's intelligence agencies while praising our enemy - Russia's former-KGB dictator - it's why people are calling him Treasonous Trump.

Thank You!  I could not agree more and what you say is pretty much factual.  I do not see him lasting four years and I'm not bitching about Trump.  I'm bitching about what he stands for because it is not America.  It is exaggerated truth at best.  It is dangerous and makes me want to sell everything I own and move to Trastevere in Rome but I would not have enough money.  I need to stop going to concerts.  lol

How could anyone who knows U2 expect them not to address this election?  It would not be U2.  Should they stop with the religious imagery as well? 

I'm not criticizing.  I am going to give Trump a chance but he's already failing miserably.  He pissed off China, dismissed Mexico, took a pop shot at Angela Merkel the other day and it just continues.  He's our president...elect; but he acts like a child who's going to take his ball and go home.  They aren't going to live in the White House so every person who lives in New York has to have how much more time added to their day to just go home?  It just keeps going.  When is he going to stop Tweeting?

I'm giving him a chance but he fails every single time.  Most of the people who voted for him are going to want him gone within two years.  I give him three and he's impeached or worse.  What happens then?  Does he care?  I doubt it.  I think Bono cares more than he does.  Like it or not he won but it was a protest vote.  Nothing more.  I did not want either of them. The only thing Trump is good at is turning his last name into a verb.  I've got a few more hours of being able to say I love both my President and my Pope. It is the first time in my life I can do so. I hope I can say that again soon because I feel numb.

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u2 are using trump as a excuse they would rather sell people the old stuff than bring out new material what was it bono said if U2 dont have a new album or new songs they will not tour he didnt want U2 to turn into a greatest hits band and here we are joshua tree 2017 what a joke its all about money now its hard to make ends meat when your down to your last 600 million

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