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Record delay because of Trump?


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u2 are using trump as a excuse they would rather sell people the old stuff than bring out new material what was it bono said if U2 dont have a new album or new songs they will not tour he didnt want U2 to turn into a greatest hits band and here we are joshua tree 2017 what a joke its all about money now its hard to make ends meat when your down to your last 600 million



Man, I think if I were these guys, especially Bono, I would take my money and my good life and go off and enjoy it while it is still possible to do so, and tell the rest of us to screw off (maybe he would stick with the justice development work, though.  Nobody who is benefitting from that is complaining!)  I would perfectly understand were he to make such a decision and am surprised he has not already put a finger in our faces.


They don't owe us anything.  They have already given so much for so long and it seems to me that the haters are just growing in number as the years pass.  The whole world is growing uglier now, but the first place in my life that I ever encountered true ugliness (outside of dictatorial regimes), was on this board years ago.  And, it took all of two days of my coming back here this time before I started having trouble with snide hackers again.  


What is wrong with you guys? If you don't like their choices, why not just ignore them and go hear some other band?


I personally am SO GRATEFUL for the JT Tour.  I hope I will be able to go.  

I think it is a lovely thought, and maybe the best they can do to try and help out spiritually  

in a world that is going to shit.

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You know, these guys get to live, largely, above and outside the fray of all this other crap the rest of us have to deal with. I don't envy them their position, and I think they earned it.  I am just sorry I don't have the same option to escape and find a little relief!


They could have turned away from the world at any point.

They no longer need to be engaging with us "for money."

Once one has what they have, one will always be able to generate revenue.  So they don't need to screw us for funds.

I am sure they keep playing music and launching tours because it is fun for them.  

Once it is no longer fun, I imagine they will stop.


I am not going to be frightened for them as they take this tour into Trumpland; that would be silly of me.

 But I do feel so bad for them having to face this.

Enjoy this tour. Maybe it will be the last.

It might be the last good thing that happens to us.

I would not be surprised. 

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...you've gotten me going now...


You know, I didn't hear anything about u2 in five years.

I didn't even know they had released the (wonderful) Songs album and staged a tour.


I was too busy trying to extricate myself from the cruelty and criminality that ensued the last time I hung out around here, and was fruitlessly trying to do anything I possibly could to warn folks in DC against this disaster

that is Trump (which was in the works for some time, despite people's total and arrogant oblivion to it).



Obviously, I was completely ineffectual in these efforts.  

Really, what can one person do in the face of so much political fanaticism and hatred anyway?

(And that holds true for the both the political Left and Right in this country, neither of which I respect or ascribe to). 


But when the election happened and the global turn toward disaster became so obvious and unstoppable,

the very first and only thing I thought of was Bono and their work.

 Really.  It was the only thing I could think of that brought any solace at all.

I realize that is ridiculous.  But it is true.


So, again, if you don't like their tour, if you don't like what they have to say,

why not just ignore them?  I promise, it is perfectly possible to occupy a part of the world

in which U2 does not penetrate at all.

Unfortunately, this does not hold true for the effects of Trump. 


How vile it is for people to demand they "shut up" with their political commentary and just play music,

when the poison that has been unleashed seeps into every pore of the globe.

How Fascist a demand, and how unsurprising given the quarters from which it emanates.


Yes, Americans might be long-overdue for a full-fledged U2 finger in the face.

I almost hope they flash it.

I barely feel like we deserve them.

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