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The Action Thread Part Two

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These little ones were all victims of Chernobyl Heart - a congenital heart defect that affects several children in Ukraine and Belarus. This is a life-threatening condition but one that is easily treatable with one simple surgery. Without this life preventing operation, most of these children wouldn't live to see their fifth birthdays. Thankfully, they'll now live longer and happier lives.

Foto de Chernobyl Children International.

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OCT. 2, 2019



This Youth Activist Wants People to Pay $10 a Month to Fight Climate Change

“This is about today. It’s not about future generations. Our existence is being threatened.”

Why Global Citizens Should Care
The United Nations’ Global Goal 13 calls on countries to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions to prevent terrible environmental consequences. Youth-led movements are leading the effort to protect the planet. You can join us in taking action on related issues here

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez has been fighting to stop climate change since he was six years old. He’s engaged in nonviolent civil disobedience, led marches and rallies, and helped pass local environmental legislation.

He’s perhaps best known for his role in the landmark lawsuit against the federal government, Juliana, et al. v. United States. The lawsuit alleges that the constitutional right of children to a safe environment has been violated by the government for failing to take meaningful action on climate change. Even though it has been known for decades that greenhouse gas emissions warm the atmosphere, setting in motion catastrophic environmental consequences, emissions continue to rise each year.  

Martinez has seen the climate movement grow from a fringe issue to a dominant organizing framework over the past decade as sea levels rise, extreme storms worsen, and droughts and heat waves become more common. 

El sueño posible: dile a los líderes mundiales que pongan fin a la pobreza y el cambio climático
Más información



Now 19, he wants to convert this momentum into tangible action. With a coalition of artists, teachers, entrepreneurs, and activists, he’s launched a new platform called NOW that seeks to reconceptualize climate change and empower everyday people in the fight against it. 

“The climate crisis is about all of us,” Martinez told Global Citizen. “It’s about all that we care about. It’s not a partisan conversation, it’s about the humanity that’s being threatened every day.



“NOW is bringing it back to the moment,” he said. “This is about today. It’s not about future generations. Our existence is being threatened and we need to flip the story to something positive and something good.”

NOW is an open-ended platform that aims to build partnerships with other nonprofits, artist organizations, and companies to elevate and devise new forms of climate action.

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Initially, the group is focused on planting 1 trillion trees through a simple subscription service and partnership model. In addition to people paying one-time or monthly — Martinez suggested $10 a month as a reasonable donation, but the platform accepts any amount — to reforest parts of the planet, NOW encourages companies to incorporate the program into their business models. For example, a portion of proceeds from ticketed events could go to support NOW, he said. 

“The best, most cost-effective way to reverse this crisis, within our deadline, is to plant a trillion trees,” Martinez said, referring to a recent report that calls for 1.7 billion hectares of land to be reforested with trees to remove 200 billion tons of carbon from the atmosphere. 

Currently, the world emits around 40 billion tons of carbon annually. Reforesting the planet would create carbon sinks to slow down climate change, perhaps buying humanity enough time to transition beyond fossil fuels. 

Conserving existing trees, especially in the Amazon rainforest, is even more important than planting new ones, Martinez said. Between 1990 and 2016, humans razed 502,000 square miles of trees, and 46% of all trees have been cut down since humans began harvesting lumber and clearing land, according to Nat Geo. The Amazon rainforest, known as the lungs of the planet, has lost 17% of its tree cover over the past 50 years

Related StoriesSept. 10, 2019The Green Climate Fund Is Trying to Save the World From Catastrophe

“Those ecosystems that are being destroyed in the Amazon, those are forests that have been growing for generations and have been sequestering massive amounts of carbon for hundreds if not thousands of years, so the difference of planting new seedlings and preserving those old forests is massive,” he said. 

“The burning of these massive carbon sinks is absolutely detrimental and shrinks our chances every day of being able to bounce back from this climate crisis,” he added. 

NOW will mostly rely on drone technology to scale its tree-planting efforts, but partnerships with Indigenous groups that have deep knowledge of forests will also be instrumental to the project. 

Martinez thinks that a lot of people will be eager to spend the cost of a few cups of coffee each month on reforesting the planet and supporting other forms of climate action. The many carbon credit programs that have emerged over the past few years have shown that there’s an appetite for being proactive about the climate crisis. 

Related StoriesJune 13, 2017These Are the 10 Best Ways to Combat Climate Change, Experts Say

Investing in landscapes and ecosystems helps to reframe the narrative surrounding the climate crisis from one of doom and gloom to one of redemption, he said. Government inaction can be replaced by a global movement demanding action. 

“Reversing the climate crisis doesn’t require waiting for government action, waiting for bureaucracies and for those in power to act on our behalf,” Martinez said. “Planting trees isn’t a new idea, but we’re tapping into this new energy of where the movement is at.” 

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Here’s what you need to know about Gavi

8 August 2019 8:58PM UTC | By: KATIE RYAN


Join the fight against extreme poverty

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Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance is a public-private partnership formed in 2000. It ensures that more children can access the vaccines they need to stay healthy.

Why is Gavi important?

Since its founding, Gavi has supported the immunisation of 700 million children and has saved more than 10 million lives. Right now, Gavi works in more than 70 of the world’s poorest countries. It provides support for 13 life-saving vaccines that fight many common and deadly infections. Thanks to the work of Gavi, children are protected against diseases like pneumonia, measles, yellow fever, polio, and cholera.

How does Gavi deliver such incredible results?

Gavi has been able to save over 10 million lives through a three-pronged approach that

  1.  finances the purchase of vaccines,
  2.  provides financial support to strengthen countries’ own immunisation programmes and broader health systems, and
  3.  shapes vaccine markets to increase supply and reduce prices.

These three approaches help to create a sustainable immunisation programme within each of the Gavi countries.

What are the main challenges to vaccination campaigns?

Vaccine hesitancy — as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) — is the delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccines despite the availability of vaccination services. According to the WHO, it’s one of the top ten health threats to the world in 2019.

In European and North American countries, those most vocal about their hesitancy to adopt vaccines are referred to as “anti-vaxxers.” Typically, this term refers to people that do not want to vaccinate themselves or their children even though the vaccines are safe and effective. As a result, vaccine-preventable diseases like measles are resurging in the U.S., Europe, and other places where the disease had previously been eliminated.

An ever growing number of people in African countries are also delaying or refusing vaccines for themselves or their children. Much of this hesitancy is borne out of a lack of trust in government, the health-care delivery system, and the vaccine industry as well as misinformation surrounding common side effects after immunisation.

Without adequate levels of vaccination, communities across Europe, North America and Africa are more susceptible to infectious diseases and can result in disease outbreaks.

Simply put, under-immunisation anywhere can have implications everywhere.

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Richard Curtis, Sting, Amina Mohammed, y Hamdi Ulukaya: conoce a los ganadores del Global Citizen Prize 2019

Cada ganador es un líder en su comunidad. Desde empresas hasta artistas.



Por qué es importante para los Global Citizens
El Global Citizen Prize existe para honrar a las personas extraordinarias de todo el mundo que están impulsando el cambio y liderando el camino en la lucha global para terminar con la pobreza extrema para 2030. Todos los ganadores del Premio han trabajado de manera incansable en sus diferentes sectores para lograr un mundo de justicia e igualdad, mostrando cómo cada área tiene un papel vital que desempeñar. Únete a nuestro movimiento tomando medidas aquí para ayudar a terminar con la pobreza extrema para 2030.

Solo quedan días para la celebración de la ceremonia inaugural de entrega del Premio Global Citizen Prize que tendrá lugar en el emblemático Royal Albert Hall de Londres en una noche en la que se honrará a los principales activistas del mundo.


Todo gracias al trabajo de las personas que se han comprometido con su corazón a luchar para alcanzar los Objetivos Globales de la ONU y ponerle fin a la pobreza extrema para 2030.


En la noche del 13 de diciembre podrán verse las actuaciones de Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, Raphael Saadiq, Sting, Stormzy y los invitados especiales Chris Martin, H.E.R. y Jorja Smith.


Mientras tanto, John Legend también presentará el espectáculo, junto a otros presentadores estrella, incluidos Connie Britton, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, Leona Lewis, Himesh Patel, Kal Penn y Catherine Tate.

El sueño posible: dile a los líderes mundiales que pongan fin a la pobreza y el cambio climático
Más información



Sin embargo, las verdaderas estrellas de la noche serán los activistas honrados por sus incansables esfuerzos de campaña para alcanzar los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible y terminar con la pobreza extrema para 2030.


No podríamos estar más emocionados de anunciar a los ganadores del Global Citizen Prize en cuatro de las cinco categorías. El quinto, el Cisco Youth Leadership Award, se anunciará por primera vez en el escenario en la noche de la ceremonia de entrega de premios el 13 de diciembre.


Ciudadano Global del Año



Richard Curtis ha sido nombrado como el ganador del Premio al Ciudadano Global del Año, que honra a una persona que ha demostrado un impacto excepcional y sostenido hacia el objetivo de ponerle fin a la pobreza extrema.


Como uno de los cineastas más queridos del mundo, Curtis ha luchado incansablemente por un mundo justo y equitativo a través de sus organizaciones Comic Relief, Sports Relief, Red Nose Day y ahora Project Everyone, que está trabajando para acelerar el progreso hacia un mundo justo para 2030.


Durante más de tres décadas, Curtis ha involucrado a millones en todo el mundo en la lucha contra la pobreza infantil, recaudando más de $1 mil millones que han ayudado a proyectos en los Estados Unidos, el Reino Unido y en todo el mundo.


Artista del Año



Sting recibirá el Premio Global Citizen Artista del Año, que honra a un individuo o grupo creativo que usa su plataforma y su trabajo para crear cambios y tener un impacto significativo.


Como artista con una carrera de más de cinco décadas, Sting ha trabajado constántemente, y por haber sido 17 veces ganador del premio Grammy, ha abogado siempre por un tema vital para el futuro de nuestro planeta: salvar las selvas tropicales.


El cambio climático y la deforestación han llevado a que partes de las selvas tropicales del mundo estén peligrosamente cerca de un punto sin retorno, pero el trabajo de organizaciones como la Fundación Rainforest, cofundada por Sting en 1989, continúan luchando y hasta la fecha ya han protegido a más de 33 millones acres de selva tropical.


El reconocimiento incluye un premio de $150,000 que será donado a la Rainforest Foundation.


Premio del líder mundial



La vicesecretaria general de las Naciones Unidas, Amina J. Mohammed, recibirá el Premio Global Citizen World Leader, que honra a un individuo en el espacio político o de defensa que ha defendido e implementado cambios en las políticas que han mejorado la vida de quienes sufren los efectos de la pobreza


Habiendo servido previamente a tres presidentes nigerianos, durante los cuales presidió una reducción nacional del 5% en las infecciones por el VIH y una reducción del 32% en la mortalidad materna, Mohammed es una devota defensora de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible para erradicar la pobreza extrema para 2030.


Premio Líder Empresarial


El CEO de Chobani, Hamdi Ulukaya, recibirá el Premio Global Citizen Business Leader, en honor a un individuo de la comunidad empresarial que ha combinado objetivos comerciales con un impacto humano positivo.


En su papel de liderazgo, Ulukaya se apasionó por lograr buenas condiciones de trabajo para sus empleados y las comunidades que apoyan su negocio, introduciendo un permiso parental totalmente remunerado; donaciones a bancos locales de alimentos; y apoyando programas de alimentos en escuelas locales.


Siempre luchando para aliviar la crisis mundial de refugiados, su Asociación de Tiendas de Campaña para Refugiados moviliza al sector privado para mejorar las vidas y el futuro de los más de 25 millones de hombres, mujeres y niños desplazados por la fuerza de sus países de origen. Además en Chobani, aproximadamente el 30% de la fuerza laboral está compuesta por refugiados reasentados legalmente.


Estamos ansiosos de esta celebración en la que participarán músicos, artistas, presentadores y Global Citizens y que será transmitida en todo el mundo a lo largo del mes de diciembre. Puedes encontrar más información sobre cómo verla aquí. 


El Premio Global Citizen al Liderazgo Juvenil de Cisco, que reconocerá a un joven que lidera los esfuerzos para lograr los Objetivos Globales de la ONU en sus comunidades, incluye un premio de $250,000 pagado a la organización a través de la cual el ganador ha estado logrando impacto.


Los finalistas para el Cisco Youth Leadership Award son: Luisa Bonin de São Paulo, Brasil; Nashin Mahtani de Yakarta, Indonesia; Alain Nteff de Yaundé, Camerún; Priya Prakash de Gurugram, India; y Haroon Yasin de Islamabad, Pakistán. Puedes encontrar más información sobre cada uno de estos finalistas y su trabajo aquí, ¡y descubrir quién gana en vivo y en directo!

El Global Citizen Prize está auspiciado junto a los siguientes socios: Comcast NBCUniversal, MSNBC, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, Citi, Live Nation, Reckitt Benckiser (RB), la Fundación Bill y Melinda Gates y la Fundación Motsepe.



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