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The Action Thread Part Two

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National call-out to young musicians on the island of Ireland! Submit a performance for Music Generation Laois’ Online Open Mic Night, appearing on the Creative Ireland Laois YouTube Channel to celebrate Crinniú na nÓg.
This is a lovely opportunity for young people from all over the island of Ireland to platform their work as part of this free national day of creativity.
More details available on the MG Laois website: https://www.musicgenerationlaois.ie/online-open-mic-night/ CreativeIrl


Foto de Music Generation.

Foto de Music Generation.


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Welcome to Throw Back Thursday! This week we have Music Generation Offaly Westmeath's Singfest – an annual, week-long festival of singing by Gala Choirs and Schools Choirs that usually takes place around this time in May. This is the video of the song ‘This is me’ (from The Greatest Showman movie soundtrack), sung fantastically at Singfest 2019 finale performance.



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Tonight's Music Network Butterfly Sessions concert: An online performance featuring a new commission composed and performed by multi-instrumentalist and multi-genre musician Tom Portman. Tune-in at 7.30pm tonight (click the performance link on MN's website).


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Clonmel Rocks! Run in conjunction with CreativeIrl and Music Generation Tipperary, Clonmel Rocks is a project to get young Clonmel musicians together through music, with two months of virtual rehearsal culminating in a rocking concert video for this year’s Clonmel Junction Arts Festival in July.🎶



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'Music Generation adapts to the challenges of COVID-19'
Music Generation Waterford recently had a substantial feature printed in the The Munster Express, about how they’re connecting with young people online.
An excellent article - well done to everyone, including all the musicians and young people involved in Music Generation Waterford! 🙌

Foto de Music Generation.

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NEWS: 20 May 2020


20 May 2020


Saoirse McGrath – one of our 2018 Rose Group is currently working as a nurse in Ireland’s busiest Covid ICU.  Saoirse recently caught up with us at CCI to discuss life during the lockdown, her volunteer experience in Vesnova and how the news of the Covid outbreak in Vesnova affected her.

Volunteering in Vesnova

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to volunteer with Chernobyl Children International in February 2019 as the Meath Rose alongside the wonderful Roses and Escorts of the 2018 class. I knew before entering Vesnova Children’s Institution that the children and people I would meet would stay with me forever. However, I didn’t realise the extent to which this would be true.


We spent a total of 5 days volunteering with the children. Tasks included; feeding, bathing, singing and playing games with them and providing them with much needed love and affection. Everyone got stuck in from the get go.

There were a few medical professionals present on the trip including Erin the Cork Rose, Hannah the Monaghan Rose and myself.  As nurses, it was particularly difficult to observe some of the children with medical conditions and disabilities that could potentially be cured if they were living in different circumstances.


Saoirse McGrath

We all got very attached to the children and the adults living in the orphanage. It was one of the hardest goodbyes I’ve ever had. I’ll never forget the experience of volunteering and the difference it seemed to make to those living in the institution. It’s something I will most certainly be doing again in the future. It was in fact the highlight of my year as the Meath Rose.



Life working in Ireland’s busiest Covid ICU

As an ICU Nurse, I was especially saddened to hear about the outbreak of Covid-19 in Vesnova. I am currently working in Ireland’s busiest Covid ICU and it has been heartbreaking to see some of the cases that have presented as some of the people are critically ill.  In the ICU department, things have changed greatly in our daily experience of work. We are head to toe in essential PPE for 13 hours which can leave marks on your face and can cause you to become very overheated. When we arrive at work we all gown up together, putting on our armour ready to enter into our warzone- unsure as to what each shift will entail.

I work with the most amazing team of nurses, doctors and physios who are beyond supportive of one another during this pandemic – the morale has exceeded my expectations throughout this tough time as has proven to be the case across the globe.

In order to prevent further surges or to lessen the severity of such surges we need to closely follow the phases that have been introduced by respective governments and adhere to social distancing. In Ireland, as I’m sure is the case in other countries around the world, phases have been constructed in such a way as to limit surges and to prevent our ICU beds becoming overwhelmed.

While all want normality to be restored, we must make sacrifices now so that this can become a real possibility. Contraction of this virus could happen to anyone. As a nurse, it has been heartbreaking to see families FaceTiming their loved ones when they are lying in an ICU bed frightened, scared and alone.  At this point in time, we must all do our best to prevent the spread of this virus by adhering to the lockdown guidelines and by banding together in global solidarity while remaining apart. Together, we can beat this virus.

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Foto de Chernobyl Children International.

Tune in to 'The Thursday Interview' by Ivan Yates on the hit Newstalk show 'The Hard Shoulder' to hear Chernobyl Children International's Founder and Voluntary CEO Adi Roche talking about all the things that influenced her life's work to date and the direction that the charity has taken down through the years. Adi's interview will air at 6:30.
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Foto de Chernobyl Children International.

from bleak, custodial state run orphanages and institutions and places them in loving homes of their own. Through this programme, we are endeavouring to break the cycle of poverty and abandonment in Belarus and give children a chance to live in loving homes with a real family.

One young boy is Yuri* who was abandoned in a maternity hospital by his mother was soon discovered by CCI and arrived at one of our ‘Homes of Hope’ families when he was only one year old. His family included, a sister who lived with their grandmother and a younger brother, who lived with his mother and her new husband. Yuri was a happy child who was well cared for by his new family but when Belarusian President Lukashenko brought in a law where parents would have to pay maintenance to foster families who are taking care of their children Yuri’s grandmother decided she would take Yuri back into her care and away from his ‘Home of Hope’ family so she would not have to pay for him. At this time Yuri was only 4 years old and his ‘Home of Hope’ family was the only one he had ever known. Yuri’s Home of Hope mother, who loved him dearly was devastated by the departure of a child she had considered her own. What could she do? She decided to adopt Yuri so he could not be taken away from them. Yuri, now twelve years old, is a happy, healthy boy who has grown up in a loving family environment and visits Ireland as part of CCI’s Rest and Recuperation Programme. We are told he is a big fan of hurling!

*Names have been changed or omitted to protect the privacy of the child and the privacy of their family.
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Eminent Ukrainian scientist - Professor Yuri Bandazhevsky, has been working to alleviate the suffering of those who are living in the aftermath of the recent fires which ravaged the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone - leaving several people without food, water or shelter. Among them are 600 children. Professor Yuri appealed to the public for humanitarian aid and medical supplies in recent weeks. He has reached out to thank the global community that has responded to his global appeal.

"I express my deep gratitude to you for your active participation in the action aimed at supporting victims of fires in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in April 2020. Your actions give hope to people in need of this difficult time of a viral pandemic and are an example of humanism for residents in all countries of the world" - Professor Yuri Bandazhevsky


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 Choose Water


These Plastic-Free Water Bottles Disappear 3 Weeks After You Throw Them Away

The sustainable bottles decompose after less than a month in a landfill.

By Joe McCarthy  and  Erica Sanchez

MAY 2, 2018


A million plastic water bottles are bought every minute around the world and 91% of those bottles go unrecycled, left to contaminate the global environment.

It’s a problem that has reached unsustainable levels.

And now a Scottish inventor named James Longcroft wants to upend the status quo by eliminating single-use plastic water bottles once and for all.

Take the Pledge: #SayNoToPlastic

El cambio climático amenaza la vida. Ayuda a los países más pobres a adaptarse
56.577 / 75.000 acciones realizadas
Más información



Longcroft recently unveiled his sustainable version of a water bottle made with recycled paper and waterproof lining, according to an Indiegogo for his company Choose Water.   

“The development process was harder than originally expected and required the development of cutting edge machinery and tooling,” Longcroft wrote on the crowdfunding page.

“The bottle itself had to be completely biodegradable, sustainable and non-toxic in anyway to both marine and land ecosystems, while at the same time still resemble a bottle, cost the same for the consumer and keep the water inside fresh,” he added.

After six months of experimenting, the team allegedly landed on a design that is commercially viable. The waterproof lining is a company secret, but they say the materials used are environmentally sound, according to Business Insider. However, these claims have not been independently tested. 

Critics argue that the invention does nothing to end humanity's reliance on single-use items and will still contaminate the environment. Instead, they argue, people should buy reusable water bottles. 


Read More: Baby Turtles Return in Mumbai After ‘Largest Beach Clean-Up' in History

The sleek, dark blue bottles say “Choose 2” and will be sold in supermarkets for around $1 when the company is ready to go public.

The bottle’s biggest asset is its biodegradability, Longcroft notes.

It allegedly decomposes within three weeks of being in a landfill or in the environment, compared to the hundreds of years that plastic water bottles take to decompose, according to Business Insider.

It also can supposedly be safely consumed by marine creatures, unlike plastic which causes great harm to marine life, and the company claims that it neutralizes soil acidity when disposed of on land.

Read More: This Whale Died From 64 Pounds of Plastic in Its Stomach

The advantages of the bottle don’t end there.

All of the profits from the bottle will be given to the charity Water for Africa, which seeks to provide access to clean water to people across the continent.

The team’s crowdfunding effort, which has a month left, has so far raised $19,158 of its $34,000 goal.

Read More: 7 Ways to Cut Junk Plastic From Your Life

Finding solutions to single-use plastic has gained urgency in recent years as the scale of the problem has come into focus.

Globally, around 380 million metric tons of plastic are being created annually and 75% of this goes unrecycled. An estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the oceans each year, which is like emptying a garbage truck full of plastic into an ocean every minute.

Choose Water’s bottle is, ultimately, a reimagining of humanity’s relationship with nature and suggests that consumerism does not have to harm the environment.

Global Citizen campaigns to end the dominance of single-use plastics and you can take action on this issue here.

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