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What's the point of the pre-sale, if not given seating choices?


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Been a subscriber to U2 for years.


Really annoyed at how at 9 am this morning armed with my pre-sale code after 45 minutes no matter how many times I refreshed was only offered the same 4 seats.


Shouldn't us loyal fans be given access to the all seats and the best available? 


Phoned Ticketmaster to complain and they advised that more will be released tomorrow and Monday, but that they only released a few tickets, I could have a refund and try my luck in the general sale, uhm yeh ok!!!  Or buy 4 more on Monday and swap them back, of course I have a spare £500 to buy more tickets.


Ticketmaster did advise that had I not used a presale code, they could have changed the tickets for me, but as I had used a internet presale code they couldn't


Really mad, when I asked for a goodwill gesture to refund the service charge, after all what service had they provided?  I booked the only available tickets myself, I was on the phone to them for 35 minutes to complain about the lack of service. To which I was advised that I could have a full refund but not the £45 service charge as they cannot do that, its their policy!! What its your own policy Ticketmaster you can change it!!


Am I the only one really angry that the presale does not offer the best tickets for all seats and area's of a stadium/venue.


If U2 are allowing company's to sale ticket's for loyal fans, at a subscription that we pay, shouldn't we be rewarded by getting the best seats available for what we can afford.


Some advice would be helpful

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