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Jason D Newport Bch, CA

Into the Arms of America? Available seats shaped as the US Flag for Rose Bowl?!

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Not sure if this is a gag or if I am looking at clouds (haha), but this image shows the available seats for Rose Bowl in sections 16 and 17 and has been like this pretty much all day.


It looks like the American flag stretching out to the Eastern Seaboard all under a moon.


I swear I just took this screenshot.




I think it's time for bed.  Good night all!



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That's too funny!

How in the world did you get to this seat map though? When I bought tickets on Wednesday, I wasn't able to select the seats. 

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I honestly couldn't tell you with any rhyme or reason. I kept checking back for RZ releases all day and most of the time I could select seats (and GA) from the map, then other times I might get a, "there's a run on tickets so check back later," message, so who knows. I've been to more than my fair share of shows and every tour the past 17+ years and there were a lot of oddities and mishaps throughout this whole process including:


- This Lite Brite layout of available tickets

- The likely 5-10 legit fans here who were actually able to buy RZ tickets for Rose Bowl (Where do all the stars go if not inside there?)

- By 9:05 AM, there were only side-stage $318.50 tickets on Adam's side as Best Seats if not wanting row 60+ under the Press Box, yet I was easily able to get GA after 10:30 (huh?)

- The fact that LA2 was posted on Monday morning and then quickly taken down (also initially reported as a two-night run I think was discussed on KTLA 5 here in LA)

- GA was open for the taking basically all day for the Red Hill gang, then nada for Wires the next morning...but Stub Hub is overflowing tickets.

- The TM App having a way better selection of seats most of the time. (I'm a an analyst and data guy...how does this even happen?)

- All the street sign Captchas barely touching into adjacent squares and storefronts that COULD have also been houses from unfamiliar regions in other languages, then all of the sudden, you were barred from tickets until you cleared your cache.

- Not sure, but I'd I swear in the urgent clicking I selected a food truck as a storefront or a house (hmmm, maybe that's why I couldn't get RZ)

- Also, for future, does the sign post count as part of the street sign?


At one point I gave up and thought we'd miss this tour and maybe get my fix from our local U2 cover here in the OC, The Joshua Tree (who are awesome) but in the end, we have 2 GA for LA1 and hopefully there will be an LA2 with a pre-sale because I still have some love to give in the way of two slots for my code that doesn't work on TM anymore.

Edited by Jason D Newport Bch, CA

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