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Anyone have extra floor tickets for Houston show to sell?


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I tried yesterday to get 2 or 4 tickets for two hours on both my phone and PC with my presale code.  Ticketmaster site overloaded.  I tried again today and had tickets in cart and got all the way to verify the delivery and pressed the enter key and the Ticketmaster site locked up.  Refreshed and restarted the browser.  By then it was too late.  I called Ticketmaster and waited on hold for almost an hour.  Nothing they could do.  


When you do a search on the web for U2 tickets.......What I would like to know is how do these scalpers and ticket sites acquire the tickets?  They are raping people.  I almost considered buying tickets for more than twice the amount of the tickets I had in my cart and then I saw that on top of that they were charging a 74.00 service fee per ticket.   For me,  It literally takes all the fun out concerts and seems very unfair.  But life isn't fair, and it is what it is.


I'm very disappointed because I have waited SO many years to see U2.



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1,200 GA still available in Houston now. The incredible thing is 3,600 GA available in Pittsburgh! The only thing I can surmise is that the Trump broadsides annoyed some fans who decided not to go. This is really unheard of, so many days into a sale. Especially incredible when you realize that U2's last Houston show was in 2009! Granted, Americans prefer reserved to GA seating in general, but real fans know GA is best for U2. There are also a lot of mid-field upper deck seats available. I think those are going slowly due to the $157+ fees being quite steep for nosebleed in a stadium. We had field level, two thirds of the way up, even with the front of the stage for 360, and that seemed too far away at times. Can't imagine what the upper deck would be like. We got GA and will be very happy, I'm sure.. GA in Boston two years ago was about as close to Heaven as I've been at a U2 show. Amazing! :D

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