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GA (Pelouse) tickets for Paris


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Rightly or wrongly, I concluded those letter's referred to the entry points (turnstiles).


I noticed with the Dublin standing ticket's, the pitch was divided into 2 section's "Pitch 2" and "Pitch 1" (2 was at the front; 1 was at the back).


So assumed it must be the same in Paris; with the 2 turnstiles nearer the stage (one of them was actually behind the stage!) being the turnstiles which would feed us through to the front half of the pitch... Hopefully.

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The configuration for the Paris show is not the same of the Dublin show. No Pitch 1 or no Pitch 2 for Paris. The stadium plan is not configured in the same way.

On Ticketmaster, there was only one lawn placement for Paris. But is the lawn still separated in 2 by barriers in the middle of the lawn ?

I wonder if people with lawn tickets who have access doors in the opposite of the scene can access near the scene or they are blocked by barriers in the middle of the lawn.

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I know the Dublin website divided the pitch, but for Paris to have 2 entry points at the stage end and 2 at the opposite end will, I suspect, determine where fans are directed.


The Dublin site gave fans the choice.

The French site did not.


If Paris was just one wide open space, fans coming through the stage end would have an advantage over those entering at the far end.

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