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No Line On The Horizon & What Happened? F*/*/

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Look. Music is art, and not all art is of everyone's taste. Different people take different things from art and that's the beauty of it. However,I'm sure every artist in their own field wishes to express themselves and push their work in new directions via new media. How dull would the world be ifMichaelangelo/Da Vinci/Rembrandt/Van Gogh/Mozart/Beethoven/Einstein/Beatles/Elvis/MLK/Dylan/Zepplin/Floyd/Bono all regurgitated the same old stuff everytime???


Look to the future. Your favourite U2 album was a new sound once. Enjoy this for what it is - a new work of art to study, admire and revisit to rediscovertime after time. Maybe it's an album for some day in your future? Some day.


Hey from where I stand, the girl in this painting is smiling at me and giving me the eye!!! :)

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i've heard the album over ten times now and i think it's their best since Achtung Baby, which I consider to be their greatest achievement


however i have a big problem with the three songs in the middle, stand up comedy, boots and crazy, basically the songs eno and lanois weren't greatlyinvolved in, they simply do not work

they were probably the ones they had difficulty completing and they appear to have been included out of a need to be all things to everyone, which is one oftheir weaknesses as a band

those songs are just derivative rock bores and they sound like they have steve lillywhite's hands were all over it

its also interesting to note that they're the ones that U2 came up with on their own, apart from breathe, which is a more satisfying rock track


ive read that eno was pretty disappointed that they left certain tracks off the album and my gut tells me they were probably better songs than the middle trio.ive a sneeking suspicion u2 got cold feet and decided to include standard rock songs to make it more commercially viable, but to the detriment of the album. amore bold piece or work was needed. hopefully those songs will make it onto the next album


the last two albums left me cold and my interest in U2 seriously waned in the last ten years. it will be interesting to see how this album holds up. only timewill tell. when htdaab first came out i thought it was an improvement on atyclb but as time passed ive grown fonder of the atyclb


but this album (8 astounding tracks), with its return to a more layered and experimental sound, has seriously reignited my love for the band - overall anamazing return to form

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I don't understand why it seems ok to some people for U2 to "go back to their roots" with ATYCLB and HTDAAB and make "basic rock" butit is outrageous that they sort of went back to AB and Zooropa and decided to use synths.


It seems a lot of the people that don't like it are people who became fans during Boy and War and think they have never been better... Well I disagree andit's nice to hear sounds that revoke the brilliance that were UF, AB and Zooropa!


I like Pop, but I think this is the best album they have done since Zooropa. It's exciting, pretty, dance induncing (which is a feat for U2 lol) andemotional and the lyrics are well written and smart and are a great example of why Bono is such a great writer! It brings back the non-obviousness that waslost on HTDAAB which was all literal and boring. And also shows his great abilities at story telling with Cedars of Lebanon and White as Snow which are justbeautiful!


Anyway, I'll shut up now, I'm in front of the telly and, unlike most women, I'm not that good at multitasking lol

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Well i have to say that at frist i did not liked but then when i listened i was the best..is that is so different from what they´ve done and the music nowadays

that u can get scary in the begining but if you listen really you will realiza that is wonderful it´s different and different takes time

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