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Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

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42 811 all sorted job in the bag.I start a week on Monday. Can't wait to hand my notice in at my old job tomorrow. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

44, 286 - Home now. What a show! Still can't quite believe I made it to the rail. Had a great view and the setlist was almost like they'd picked it from my list of favourites...  The minute's app

43524 Where would we be without the counting police?  Totally lost.

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38,710 - Online is probably my best bet - when I have funds.


I've just splashed out a heap this week on Star Wars 40th anniversary trading cards - the US set has been made available in Europe, which means we have the chance to get sketches, autographs and other types of card that the UK editions never have. All being well, my box should arrive on Monday  :D

38 712 Ooohh shiny! I collect too much tbh. Hoarding runs in the family :D :D

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38, 715 - Evening counting after spending most of today up to my ears in Star Wars trading cards  :D


My first ever autograph and I got a sketch card too! Now I just need to find the 29 cards left to complete the base set. 


(US editions have a base set and "parallel" sets in various colours - I got nearly 30 parallel cards, green and blue versions of cards from the base set)

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5 minutes ago, hestia said:

38 717

Will take some adapting!            I thought I might have said something clever. ☺


  38   718   It really will..... I'm kinda confused ....:u2-1383:

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1 minute ago, pain_18_ said:

  38   719   Currently.....I don't understand what's up with the " Days Won " thing.....

38 720 

??? Where's that. I'll have to check. It makes perfect sense really 

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