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Have to Count - the new and improved one :P


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2 hours ago, hestia said:

40 112

Staying hydrated is important.

Could have been a bad batch, Frankaz. Might be moldy hops. You could try a different brand.

I have gotten allergic reactions to alcohol before, if I meditate a lot. Otherwise I'm a lightweight. I've gone through various stages of use & abuse. Now I'm in the its ok but makes me tired phase. Its also a sugar high.. I will get my routine test results on Monday. .

Be well..

40116 Hmm. I reacted the same way to a glass of wine a few weeks back so need to get it checked. I had 2 pints of Pepsi afterwards so kept hydrated well :)

1 hour ago, pollyanna said:

40 113..... tomorrow I'm going on holiday for a few days. Hope I'll feel better.


Holidays are good. I like to go to countryside where there are not loads of people and can have nice long walks.

55 minutes ago, hestia said:

40 115

Watching an almost 2 yr.old for the weekend. I have more patience, less energy, now that I'm older.

I know that feeling. But with age comes experience - and less ego too :);)

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