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Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

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6 hours ago, padawanbeck84 said:

40, 329 - :P :P :P Nowhere near - one of our regulars is into her 90s! Maybe books are the elixir of life :D

40 335 I'll have to start reading in earnest again :)

5 hours ago, hestia said:

40 330

Only if you feel old! 

I felt so old when I was 33. 

Now I feel younger. I don't want to to become cynical.☺

Don't worry, I feel 21 inside! :)

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18 hours ago, hestia said:

40 333

Just read Bannon is out. of Temps team in US. He has a reputation as being a leader as a White Supremacist. Lets hope this means something good... 

Just couldn't resist posting as this news is breaking...

40 339 After the Barcelona attack, there are some people that I know who are posting things on facebook about muslim immigrants that I guess are not real facts, related to the aid they receive or housing etc. A girl I know who was studying in Barcelona said that she was afraid to use the underground because of the people of different races. It's one of the things that annoys me the most, the everyday intolerant views. It's like you suddenly find yourself arguing with half of the people!

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40 340

These "terrorists" use fear to fuel prejudice. Spreading hate, lies,is also a destructive force. That is a waste of life.

It's so ? of these attacks on peoples everyday life. 

It takes practice to not give into fear. 

I like to keep an open mind.

Dialogue is a tool for communication. It can feel uncomfortable, but necessary in real change, not just a band-aid.

Peace sometimes is more about restraint, than a feeling of contentment.

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