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45286 - I now feel more of an exhausted, frustrated but unsurprised anger. Like...again? 9 years of Tory damage on display for everyone to see, headed up by a prime minister who hides in a fridge to avoid questions, and...we voted for this again?

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45, 287 - I can't fathom it either. Maybe they've been in power so long that some people literally can't imagine any different? And the media constantly brainwashing people and smearing all the other parties doesn't help. 

Also, one of my friends was turned away from their polling station at 9.15pm (along with several other would-be voters). The staff said they were "closing early". Which is not allowed :angry: So it's possible the result is not entirely honest if other places were also employing these kinds of devious tactics.  

I mean, I hear from American friends about these sorts of tactics being used in recent years and now it seems the dirty tricks are spreading over here along with Johnson trying to copy the current US leader even as he's possibly (hopefully) being thrown out of office.

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