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Have to Count - the new and improved one :P


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45, 598 - @peterferris8 Some places did manage to hold small, socially distanced gigs last year, so small gigs may be do-able for some people. Festivals are probably out of the question until we've all been vaccinated, but at least we are now *being* vaccinated. Hopefully Glasto can make a mighty comeback in 2022 :) Perhaps the BBC will put on another virtual festival like they did last year. I enjoyed making my own schedule on iPlayer B)

Statistics on the local news this evening show that my county is lagging behind in terms of how fast we're getting the vaccinations done. Only 6% of our population done, compared to 12% in one neighbouring county. Although we are quite a rural area, so there are issues for some people in getting to appointments. 

And that's not helped by the current local flooding situation :wacko: Let's hope that improves soon.

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45599  Astonishing. This the first post here in eight days. :o The weather in Belgium is very mild for the time of the year. Plenty of rain and wind, but the

cold has gone. It seems we will have this year only one day of snow. That was around two weeks ago.

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45, 601 - Adding one final number from this computer before it gets replaced. 

It has been crashing a lot and the local computer shop won't let us hand it in for repairs due to lockdown rules. So we've ordered a new one, which my Dad has just gone to collect from the shop :)

Hopefully I can add another number from that one soon. 


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