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Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

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42 811 all sorted job in the bag.I start a week on Monday. Can't wait to hand my notice in at my old job tomorrow. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

43813 Feeling weird today. Just announced about half an hour ago that my band has split up (we made the decision yesterday evening) and...not really sure how what feel? Grief? Relief? Freedom? Emptine

44, 304 - Just had a phone call - I didn't get the job, but it sounds like I was very close - the lady says if there had been a second post on offer, I would have had that. Sadly there's only one.

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37, 678 Great counting today! Happy to say I'm feeling better after being under the weather all week. Have a great weekend everyone!


Cris, when are you going to draw The Joshua Tree?  ^_^


Don't you love what Bono said, or was it Edge? It kinda looks like a person!

       37   691   I will, LA-Woman !!! Thanks for the suggestion...But I need a really big picture of  The Joshua Tree, like they had on the sleeve of the Vinyl, because I need to see all the details ......... I'll search My Computer for it.........Strangely.....Looking through the " TJT 20th Anniversary BOX-SET" from 2007, I couldn't find a big picture of  The Tree Itself......Seems like the only really big one was the one on the original album and there might also be one on the sleeve of the BEST of the 1980-1990 compilation.


37, 720  The TJT Anniversary BOX set is great! Have fun with all the drawings you do! I'm working on my updated JT marker drawing at the moment.

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