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The Return of Mr. MacPhisto?


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Ever since Bono brought him back on jimmy kimmel I've been thinking if there's any chance or space for him in this tour I think it would be awesome if he called the White House trying to reach trump. What are your thought


I thought (and hoped) he might appear on the SOE tour, but now we're getting JT instead, I think it less likely. :(
I wouldn't want to see him calling Trump, anyway. He seems like the kind of guy that would actually answer it.
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Hope not, for three reasons.

1. It's already a "looking back", that would be too much looking back.

2. MacPhisto is associated with ZooTV and Zooropa, not JT.

3. I never liked MacPhisto, Mirrorball Man was way cooler! (MacPhisto was sharper satire though)

Hmm very true I had forgotten about mirror ball man.

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