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Are Dublin tix resellable? Knowing this would help w/further sales


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Hi Guys--


Am thinking about (trying to) buy Dublin tix in the public onsale (or maybe in presale for 2nd show, if possible), but am not sure I would actually be able to go.  So--it'd be good to know if Dublin tix are resellable (through TM).  Those of you who've bought Dublin presale tix--if you look at "order details" for your order, you may (or may not) see a "sell" button.  If you do, your tix will be (after public onsale) resellable, if you need to (can't make it, got better tix, whatever).  If you don't, they won't be.  Could some kind soul w/Dublin presale tix check this and respond?  It'd really put my mind at ease.  I'm especially interested to see if Red Zone tix are resellable, since they're so expensive (i.e., I don't want to get stuck with super-expensive tix I can't use, if it comes to that).  This info could also help folks who bought presale tix, but then found better public onsale tix (they could buy the latter knowing that they won't be stuck w/their initial tix).



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