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Multiple shows - who's going? (MERGED)

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Do you peeps have jobs or are you just independently wealthy?

Lots of people spend money on travel/vacations--for the most part, I don't.  So spending some serious cash every 3-4 years is doable.

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Dublin and Chicago.  U2's home, and their "home away from home."  Something great always seems to happen in Chicago.  

I'm going to try to avoid knowing anything about the set list, stage, or show before going on June 3.  I may not be able to help myself, but it would be a great surprise.  

Special thanks to U2.com to accessing these tickets!!! 

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I'm in for Cleveland (already got GA tix) and planning on either Chicago or Pittsburgh. All depends on if I can get GA tickets for Chicago 1 or 2 during one of the drops--if not, I'll be doing Pittsburgh GA. I figure as a relative late comer to their music (only been a fan since 2005, first concert was in 2009, second in 2011) I need to go to as many of the concerts as possible. Still annoyed I missed out on leg 1 of I&E, but the dates/locations were completely inconvenient for me. Hoping they do another leg in a city closer to mine later this year or next.


This year I had to pick between doing a full vacation on the west coast or multiple mini-vacations to see U2 + nearby concerts for other artists. I chose U2/other concerts, no regrets. ;)  I work from a home office with a super flexible schedule, so no issues with getting time off, either. 

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