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Presale times for RZ/VIP are improperly merged (same time)--Mods?


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While the regular presales for (e.g.) Chicago 2 now correctly show Weds. for Red Hill and Thurs. for Wires, there's another "Fan Club VIP presale" which does NOT distinguish between RH and Wires (same time as regular RH presale time).  I also notice that for London 2, there's just two presale times (for all ticket types)--RedHill tomorrow, Wires. Thurs.


This is how it should be done for US dates.  All tickets, regardless of type (i.e., including RZ/VIP) should be sold under the general RH vs. Wires umbrella (on separate days).  The extra "VIP presale" is completely redundant and could simply be removed (or if it stays, RH and Wires should be on different days, NOT the same time).  There is simply no need for a separate "VIP presale", since all ticket types are available when you search for other tix anyway.


And--for many venues last time, ANYONE could buy RZ/VIP starting at the RH presale time.  This is obviously bogus and should be fixed.

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