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Red Zone link for Paris2 Missing ? (MERGED)


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I would set a few alternatives - GA, seats... and a limit... once this limit is reached, go for GAs or seats...


have in mind that RED Zone has a high demand and it's not a big section, so not many tickets available...


Hi Max - just scored 2 RZ for Twickenham for the Sunday!! Thanks for all your help yesterday...


It looks like they changed the method of sale because the system asked for a Red Hill or Wires pre sale code this morning for red zone... It didn't last week or yesterday. So that is good. Maybe that's where a load of RZ tickets went yesterday? They got pulled off sale to do it using codes because my tickets for the 8th I didn't have to use my code?


If that makes sense?!!!


Anyway - thanks a lot -- I think you guys do  superb job in actually answering questions on the boards so good on you!



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