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London 2 Red Zone

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My friend got 3 RZ for Twickenham on the Sunday, which makes up for last weeks shambles.

Saying that I feel for the people who didn't get, it really should not be this difficult in a fan club presale, at some point people are going to say enough is enough.


We have ended up with seats for Saturday & RZ for Sunday, happy days.

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all gone  weird  on Tm. chome  and  firefox. nowt  shows  below-

U2 - The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 - Standing or Red Zone

  4.7 out of 5 stars(4724)

Twickenham Stadium - U2, London,

Sun 9 Jul 2017, 18:00

Details: U2

Please Note: No Under 14s standing, all under 16s to be accompanied by an adult. RED ZONE: The (RED) Zone gives you access to an exclusive VIP area adja 
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dunno why, but i  still  got  the  above error    that  i  posted  previously.   i  was jsut  checking  something  odd  that  i noticed- sent bigwave Pm about  it-  and  i  closed browsers  down  and  tied again.  when i  went  Back on  tm site, i  noticed  it was  not  showing   the  correct web page,  that  you  correctly  posted Max.




all   a  ok  now,  dunno  why  this  happened. 

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Just checked... it's working...



AmI reading that wrong, It looks to me like anyone can get Red Zone, it's not locked but the other tickets you need your code? Maybe RZ asks for a code at a later stage that I never got too?

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