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329 vs Pitch 2


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No no no

Please take the seats

Think of the comfort and being uncrowded


I know you're thinking that you'll be stuck with those really bad Pitch 2 tickets but as a favour I can tale them from you

As another favour i won't even want you to give me money

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And to contribute to your question.... I have been to many shows and sat/stood in many places... Red Zone - amazing for the low hassle but up close experience but pricey. GA- amazing for the up close experience but can be crowded and lots of hassle with needing to arrive so early and compete for a spot- you get tired standing and if you are on the rail it is amazing for the parts that the band is near you but you miss the grander experience. Price is right, of course...Had seats on the lower level 10 rows up very stage left like even with the front of the stage (Edge side) and these were amazing but the drawback was that it didn't feel like the band was playing to me it felt more like I had a really great side view of the band playing to the audience and I was watching...


SO here is the heart of what you might want to consider... One time I had GA's and I took my parents to the show (mid 60's) and they couldn't go early and didn't want to be anywhere near the crowd on the field. We stayed as far back on the field as we could have been. I would have thought this would be terrible. But I gotta tell ya- it was fantastic. I was able to take in the full show which I was missing all this time trying to be upfront and close and personal. And it was beautiful and enjoyable.

Anyway- I seek not to influence your decision. Just want to provide you with some info/share my experience. Ideally you can go to several shows and be upfront for one or more and be back where you can take it all in for some shows... Dublin Croke Park is a sight to see. A vast grand scale. I was there for Vertigo.


Hope this helps. Pls do contact me if you don't use your P2's for a sale or a trade for Chicago GA's.



Thx and good luck!



Appreciate that rundown, geowickey.

The previous contributor has covered everything.


I have been to Croke Park many times for gigs. If this is going to be a "once in a lifetime" experience for you, I would run with Pitch 2. You can suit yourself as to whether you want to queue early or arrive shortly before the start of the gig. Either way, you will have a good view.

Thanks, this gives me some comfort as not sure how early we'll be able to arrive. 


Inclined to keep the Pitch 2 as I've seen U2 many times from the seats. Ever since seeing the broadcast of Live at Slane 15 years ago I've had it on my bucket list to see them in Ireland and the clip of Streets always had me wanting to be in the middle of the madness on the floor. 


I'm thinking 329 low is a little far removed given how vast Croke looks. Not bad seats per se, but since I have the option for Pitch 2 I guess I'll roll with that.


Croke Park is a vast stadium ,its much bigger than an American Football pitch .

Its over 1.5 times the length and twice the width.

Its probably the worst stadium on the tour for seats as the pitch is just too damn big .


The sound in the stands is also poor.

In 329 ,you will be at least 120 yards from the stage.


Pitch 2 will be much superior ,a better view and better sound.

There is loads of space on the pitch nowadays due to safety regulations,its too sparse if you ask me.

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