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The Trump era begins

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Smart, justified Mexicans are establishing a boycott of American products and consumer services:  McDonalds, Coke, Starbucks, etc.


I hate to see these great American companies hurt. They are victims of Trump too.

But, if they hurt, the pressure will eventually land on Trump, and people have to do whatever they can to protect themselves and fight back in any way that they can.


I suspect publics around the world will soon follow suit as they feel the Trump threats move closer and closer to their homes.  


Pity for America. I genuinely pity her.  The damage this man is doing to this country is probably irrevocable. Poor America and Americans.  I am heartbroken for us.



Mexicans Launch Boycotts of U.S. Companies in Fury at Donald Trump

TIME Magazine



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Unfortunately, I too feel the same way. The U.S. is going to hit rock bottom soon. Somewhere along the lines people must have forgotten that no matter where you live, you are a human being.

We NEED to take care of our neighbors, as well as our own.



Makinit66-- we are living in a hateful, post-reason world.

And these people are Fascists.


We can only go down from here.  There is no up on this trajectory.

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And here are the Republicans arguing for institution of the female military draft calling it a "woman's right."



Of course women should be allowed to serve in the military if they are capable.  But to frame a female draft as a "woman's right" is just a perversion coming from those who think we should be denied all other rights that make us anything other than receptacles of their foul and bitter semen, baby machines, cheaper labor and cannon fodder, apparently.


I guess they are planning on needing a much, much bigger military fighting force.

Pity that is not going to help them one iota against those forces that are now surely intent

on bringing this country down.  

They thought we had troubles before. 

They cannot even envision what is going to be coming at us now.

They simply have no idea.

Lacking the requisite vision, they cannot see.

I will try to flee.  

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Somewhere on one of these threads about Trump, I read earlier today someone who 

said they thought Trump would last, at most, two or three years before being impeached.

Maybe it was Illumination, I am not sure.

I have been thinking about that statement since.


I wasn't going to respond because I am not entirely clear on what is happening,

and I thought that maybe I ought to hold onto at least a few specks of caution

and not run my mouth about everything.


But I am so exhausted from all of this, so demoralized, and I have said so much at this point,

 that I figure if there is danger for me, I have already locked it in,

and it just doesn't matter what I say or do now.


So please let me share with you another little bit of insight I have picked up while wandering around

this town for the last years trying to figure out what is going down.


These Trumpers I met-- former congressional reps, intelligence  and defense folks, etc -- who are 

behind this guy, said this to me, and it is key, I think, to understanding what is happening.

 This was what finally began to crystalize things for me after years of wandering around in the fog.

I am going to just write in quotes what was said to me:


"Look, it doesn't matter who runs for president  in either party-- Trump, Clinton it doesn't matter.

They are just faces and they could be anybody.  The only thing that matters is whether you want your

country to be a singular powerful one in the world, or just another weak, average country on the same level

as everyone else.  If that is what you want, than Hillary Clinton is your girl."


Here is what I think that means:


The people behind Trump consider themselves Patriots.

They believe the United States is close to losing its status not only as the global leader,

but as a  Nation State altogether, as globalization continues to take hold.  

They consider this an existential risk.  

And they are fully willing to put anybody in office who they think will stop it. 

Even a Fascist.


But their vision is so archaic, so out of step with the modern world,

that the only path they have to making sure such a backward candidate wins  

is to harness the portion of the population that feels most aggrieved and is most easily manipulated.

They have actively been whipping up anti-liberal sentiment and disseminating misinformation

to the American public for the last 8 years.  I think in preparation.


There are substantive reasons for them to harbor this fear.

I will grant them that.

It is, in fact, true that  there is a wealthy, technologically-enabled effort to overturn the 

whole concept of Nation States in favor of direct rule by (allegedly) The People globally (but really it would be 

rule by a new technocratic elite).

There is also a decades-old effort to establish a single, globalized world order with one Global Government

headed by international organizations like the UN, EU, ICC, etc.


I have heard people on that side of the equation--actually people who sat in very nice decision-making positions 

in the Obama administration, say things  like,


"Well, if the American public has to adapt to a lower standard of living in order to allow the rest of the world

to rise, that is only fair.  We just have to keep the public preoccupied and out of the way.  Hopefully those VR developers

will get Virtual Reality right and we can plug people in and have them tune out."


A hateful, arrogant perspective, don't you think?

But, mostly a foolish one.

Those who hold this view thought they could pull this off without anyone noticing.

Clearly they could not.

So, as a result, what we have gotten in response are fanatics on the Right rising in response to the fanatics on the Left.

And the easiest way for the fanatical right to prevail, was to cultivate the part of our society that is

most aggrieved and most easily manipulated.  



Trump was the vehicle.

But, by the time he seized the nomination, some of these folks (from the defense world)  began to  publicly regret their plan.

They published letters of remorse in the press once they realize that Trump was going to go after our Democracy itself,

and that they could not control him.

Of course by the time they realized this, it was too late.  The Fascist had been nominated.


As I keep saying -- and as I came here ten years ago and tried to convey to Bono to no avail

-- fanatics have taken over the United States.  They are on both the Left and the Right.

There is no center.  

Clinton was the center, and she was taken out.


So, maybe the so-called "Republicans" who now control Congress will 

impeach Trump, but not until he helps execute their plans, which they can then blame on him.


It won't really matter if Trump gets thrown out of office a few years down the road.

The Supreme Court will already be turned by that point.

The country, and likely much of the world, will quite-likely be in a war,

or at least in an economic depression as the result of trade wars,

and it just won't matter if Trump is impeached.


These people think they can forcibly turn the hands back on globalization without negative consequence.

They are wrong.

They are too late.

The Rubicon has already been crossed.

So, I think this was a coup, of sorts -- a perfectly legal, diabolical coup

executed by people who were not smart enough to go mucking around in such affairs.



Well, I am not interested in enabling Fascists, so I commit to being in the "resistance."

 I will even help lead if I can be of any use (although would prefer to not be out here 

battling on my own).


But, I cannot honestly assert that I am all that confident we will be able to prevail.  

The scenario is simply too complex, with too many unknowns and unknown actors, with events

moving too quickly and the risk factors too numerous to even count, much less game out strategically.


The energetic trend globally already  appears to have been tipped toward chaos,

and I do not know that there is any going back from this point.

I think the damage may already be done and be irrevocable.


People who were not smart enough to do so put something into motion that I don't think can be stopped now.


Of course, the billionaires are in power and they will not suffer much.

I do not begrudge them their positions.  I am just sorry I am not one too!  

But I am down here with you guys, essentially powerless.




I also will add a little more info, since I mentioned it above, and people may be confused:  

Probably some of you recognize me from before.

Maybe some of you remember the troubles I had here.

The hackers.  The stalkers. The impersonators.

This goes back years.

That trouble started immediately after I arrived on the U2 board for the first time after hearing of them

for the very first time.


Almost immediately upon arriving, I received a private note here that claimed Bono was sexually abusing his daughter.

I sent that to the moderators.

And then I  just moved on and ignored these folks.


But, whoever they were, they did not go away.  They stayed with me for three years (2005-2008) solidly,

and then for three more, on and off.

They hacked, they stalked, they harassed me. They left notes  taped to the door of my home.

They interfered with my job applications, driving me into poverty.


They were able to put results into my google search of articles that didn't actually exist,

and which didn't show up in anyone else's google search.  

They interfered in nearly all areas of my life.

They were abusers.  Criminals.

I went to lots of people in the intelligence community and asked for help but was dismissed as "paranoid."  


Only my friend, who witnessed what was happening, believed me.


Now who on earth would bother to fuck with me like that for so long?  

I am hardly worth it.

And who would have that skill?


After these creeps finally succeeded in tearing the ground out from under my world,

they wrote me a nice little note stating:


"I hope you learned your lesson.  You brought on your own demise.  You facilitate the evil ends of the US government.


I finally just gave up and excised U2 from my life entirely, which was one of the saddest most damaging things that

has every happened, because the whole scene had brought me such joy in a world that was then dominated by the misery of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


And then I left DC for a few years to care for my mother.

But as soon as I came back, I was attacked on the street and stabbed in the neck with a needle.

I identified my attacker with 100% certainty to the police, and nothing was done.

A few months later I had a heart attack the Doctor's could not explain, and they suggested it was the result

of a drugging or poisoning.

I am sure it is just coincidence that I just happened to have worked a party at the home of an intelligence official that day, and that I was offered a glass of wine at the end of it.  

I am sure that is just a coincidence.

I mean, really, I am nobody, and certainly not someone worth messing with.


So, you guys tell me how I should interpret all of this, because I really don't know.


Interestingly, after not being on this board or having anything to do with the U2 world for five full years, 

I came back just after the election this past November.

I came back because this was the only place I had found any joy at all in ten years.

And because I had missed it.

By my second day on here these malicious folks were back.

The first thing they did was throw a story up on my screen:  


"Bono will be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight and sing this song" the title read.

Following was a full sheet of gibberish with a few lines at the top that read,


"Aww, unrequited love.  How original, Come back tomorrow, I might cry."


I used another computer, and another internet connection, to pull up the same page, 

and that story did not appear, nor could I ever find it again.


So, I don't know what is going on here.

​I don't know why this situation has touched me via this band, or vice versa.

I don't know why these people are still hanging around.

I don't know if they belong to U2 or not.


But I do think all of this is somehow connected to this Trump business,

whose candidacy, I suspect, has been in the works for some time--probably 

for most of Obama's administration, frankly.

The whole "Birther" issue was likely part of this manipulative disinformation con

and not just a fetish of Trump.



This situation is menacing, and I think we are all in a lot of trouble.

And, I hope people in better positions than I can make some sense of it.

Meanwhile, I feel like I am in danger.  

I'm getting out of DC, and if I can manage it, out of the country.

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I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and she was telling me about that she was away on a silent retreat for 2 weeks. She said now she is thinking deeply about life & what it all means. I told her when I start to wonder that, I remind myself to stop thinking.

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Unfortunately, I too feel the same way. The U.S. is going to hit rock bottom soon. Somewhere along the lines people must have forgotten that no matter where you live, you are a human being.

We NEED to take care of our neighbors, as well as our own.



Makinit66-- we are living in a hateful, post-reason world.

And these people are Fascists.


We can only go down from here.  There is no up on this trajectory.



It's definitely an....interesting...time to be an American. I consider myself to be a moderate--I've voted Democrat, I've voted Republican many times--and the politics of the Republican party have gone so far right that it's literally pushed me away. 2016 was the first time I ever voted straight Democrat and unless something drastic changes with the Republican party, 2018 will be the same and so will 2020. This is not the same party as 15, even 10 years ago. 


Here we have a segment of the population who literally eat up whatever is fed to them without questioning things. They consider every bit of news that doesn't go along with their beliefs to be "fake", even when it is factual. It's a complete rejection of logic and facts. As a moderate, I see both sides of it. I like to read up from multiple sources, multiple slants, to make sure I'm well informed. I don't accept anything as fact until I've researched it. Sadly, most aren't like me. It applies to both the left and the right, but moreso to the right. The number of right wing conspiracy websites has skyrocketed in recent years and so has the sharing of this information on social networks. The result? A group of people who literally will not listen to any alternative argument, who literally will not consider the opposing opinion.


What that means is that compromise is nearly impossible. Compromise is something we absolutely need in this country to ensure that everyone is having their voices heard and their needs met. Without it, this becomes an us vs. them battle and it'll only continue to get worse. The fact that one party controls all three levels of government and seems intent on enforcing their backward policies (regardless of how it benefits the majority of people) is incredibly scary. It should also be a HUGE wake-up call that ALL eligible voters NEED to vote in 2018/2020. In 2016 we had less than half the population voting, with less than half of those people voting for who became President. That means that as much as 3/4 of the US adult population will not be getting voices heard and will have policies imposed on them that are NOT what the majority want.


For instance, a recent survey said 69% of the US do NOT want Roe v. Wade overturned. Yet the Vice President today marched with March for Life--an anti-abortion movement--and promised an anti-abortion Supreme Court Justice will be appointed. If somehow abortion is made illegal again, this will NOT be what the majority of the country wants. How is that fair? Another example, the ACA. The majority of Americans do not want to see it repealed, yet the Republican party is dead set on repeal. Why is it OK for the minority to dictate things? The answer: it's not. 


The right are so dead set on imposing their policies--some of which are VERY harmful--that they will not consider the consequences of it. They won't consider the 20+ million who will lose health insurance and the many who will die without proper health care. They won't consider the many unwanted pregnancies that will continue and how many more children will be born into poverty because of it, or if abortion is outlawed, how many women will die getting illegal abortions. They won't consider the consequences of building an expensive wall that won't get rid of illegal immigration and is money better spent on our aging infrastructure. All they care about is their agenda and NOT what is best of the majority of Americans.


It's truly disgusting. It's disgusting that the Democratic party messed up so badly that this is what we're left with: a party elected who literally only care about their agenda and not about the millions and millions who will be harmed by it. It's even more disgusting that those who voted these people into office will probably turn a blind eye to the destruction they cause, rather than holding their leaders accountable. 


I'm young (28) so I don't have the memory that some members here may have. But I can honestly say that in my lifetime, this is the most divided I've seen our country. And it's a scary thing. I don't know how it'll get better. I have a feeling it's only going to get worse before it gets better. 

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Hi Tigerfan,


Thanks for your words.

I agree.

The one little thing I might add is that the call for securing the southern border is not a stupid one.

The border really does need to be secured.  But, a wall is a stupid and expensive way to do it.

Drones, sensors and other technologies will much more effective, and less expensive.  


But, it is less Trump's  "Mexican rapists" that we need to worry about.

Rather, Latin America is being used by other nations, largely Iran, to infiltrate the terrorist groups it sponsors

into the Western Hemisphere.  There has been significantly increased activity of this sort throughout Latin America over the last years.

Intelligence warned of this several years ago, and Joe Biden scoffed.

Gee, thanks Jo Pa.


Here is an article showing the effects in the first 24 hours of Trump's refugee ban,

which has held people outside the country or prevented them from leaving airports,

including Iraqi nationals who risked their lives to help the U.S.  

People who had their lives threatened and, in some cases, family members killed because of their willingness to work with the U.S.

Also, a female genomics scientist hired to work in a Boston Lab. And others.

You know, some of the world's "best and brightest"who we definitely want coming to our country

to help do things like, oh I don't know... like cure disease.



Donald Trump has broken America's promise to the world

And people are already suffering for it.


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I'm sorry for what I'm going to write, I just want to understand...

How on earth someone who didn't get the majority of votes can be elected??? I have a basic knowledge of your electoral system but it sounds like something was wrong since the beginning.


Said that, brace yourself world



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Absolutely disgusting how my country's (UK) prime minister is fawning over Trump in every way possible. She and the Conservative party have damaged Britain in so many ways, and now she fails to stand up to the man who could be about to do the same to America. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/theresa-may-donald-trump-immigration-ban-muslim-turkey-refugee-refuses-to-condemn-latest-a7551121.html

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