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U2 2017 Tour Theme Speculation...


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Given what has been said by members of U2 about this upcoming tour and holding off on releasing Songs of Experience until later in the year,
I find myself thinking of what songs will be played this time around.
Of course, The Joshua Tree LP is a given.
However, that's eleven songs and U2 typically does another thirteen or more tunes each night.
I remembered something Bono once said about opening up the Zoo TV shows with Acrobat.
He thought it would be a bit of a f*** you to the audience though.
The song has never been played in concert or anywhere else from what I know.
I think it's time that Acrobat got its comeuppance.
After the experience of 2016,
everyone talking of living in a post-truth era,
that song has a new power.

I also think that U2 will reference many of the great artists lost in 2016.
While Bowie, Prince, George Martin, George Michael and Leonard Cohen spring to mind,
Alan Vega and Buckwheat Zydeco also died in 2016.
Alan Vega's Suicide was a great influence on U2.
Buckwheat Zydeco played support on The Joshua Tree tour.
Bono can be seen asking about them,
if I recall correctly,
in Rattle and Hum outtakes floating around on YouTube.
The B-sides from The Joshua Tree era are very special to fans.
I won't be surprised if they're played regularly.
Here's the set I thought might be cooking at the moment.
I think the songs fit the themes U2 have discussed of late.

The Fly
Until The End Of The World/Anthem
New Year's Day
I Will Follow
Spanish Eyes
Silver And Gold
Sunday Bloody Sunday/Please/Hallelujah
Bad/Ruby Tuesday/Sympathy For The Devil/Walk On The Wild Side/Norwegian Wood

Where The Streets Have No Name
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For/Exodus
With Or Without You/Shine Like Stars/Love Will Tear Us Apart
Bullet The Bullet Sky
Running To Stand Still/Dirty Old Town
Red Hill Mining Town
In God's Country
Trip Through Your Wires
One Tree Hill
Exit/Riders On The Storm/Gloria
Mothers Of The Disappeared/El Pueblo Vencera

City Of Blinding Lights
Beautiful Day

Pride (In The Name Of Love)

Angel Of Harlem/People Get Ready
Sweetest Thing

Party Girl


I don't quite know where U2 will drop in references to Bowie or Prince.
Desire's rhythm seems to work with that of Faith by George Michael.
Bono once covered Hallelujah,
so maybe he'll touch on it again,
as he has from time to time.
Whatever happens,
I am very happy that they're back!

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We;ll Shine like stars in the summer night......We'll shine like stars and it will be alright.....One Life, One Love, One Blood......With or Without You....*. Insert  Extended Edge solo.....*

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I've been wondering about this too. I sure hope they don't only play songs from JT. I want more!  :)


B sides would be cool. Also hoping we get to hear something from the next album...


Bad/Ruby Tuesday/Sympathy For The Devil/Walk On The Wild Side/Norwegian Wood <-- Would be really cool!!! 

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Great set list but have a feeling the boys will concentrate on the albums before JT so Boy, October, War and Unforgettable Fire songs getting aired again before hitting JT and finishing with 40 !


Hope so but I think it will be a mix of old and new

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