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Yet another Credit Card Entry Question/Problem (?)

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Thanks for your thoughts/advice, everyone.  I called VIP TM and they simply allowed me to add my name as pickup up my wife's order, so (thank God) the RZ situation is settled.  I potentially have the same issue with our Cleveland GAs, but like Jeff says, they basically never check IDs for those--only credit cards.  Just to be thorough, I emailed TM support and asked for a response explicitly "clearing" us.  I'll keep everyone posted, and good luck in your own situations!

I'm interested in whatever response you get as well, because I have a similar situation.  I used a credit card for my wife and son to use, and called TicketMaster since my name is on the card - not hers.  I pointed out to them on the phone that I could definitely add her to my credit account and she would have a card - but it would not be the card I used.


Their response was:  "It's fine, she can just bring the card you used for the order and it will be OK".  


I further clarified that I would NOT be there - and she would be using a card with my name on it - and they said, "It's OK - it doesn't matter."


I would advise you get that in writing, as it seems to go against their official policy in many places.

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