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How many of you were at the original Joshua Tree tour?

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Oct. 20 University of Iowa, Iowa City Bought a recordable cassette player and made a "bootleg" of show. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a recording of myself and my friends singing every song wit

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Wembley on the Saturday (June 13?)

Elland Rd Leeds - July 1st. I got hit on the head by a flying bottle, needed stiches and then missed the coach home so slept in a train station overnight

Cardiff Arms Park July 25th - missed the coach there!!! so got 2 National Express coaches there then somehow found the original missed coach and got home

Murrayfield - August 2nd I think -  there and back without incident, although we had terrible tickets at the very back so we hopped over the fence and onto the pitch

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Fri., Oct. 9, 1987


Carrier Dome - Syracuse, NY


My second U2 show (the first being the Conspiracy of Hope tour finale in Giants Stadium the previous year).


The nice thing about this show is that recordings (audio and video) of it have always been plentiful - so, if I want to hear/see the show, it's just a few clicks away. :)

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October Syracuse Carrier Dome.  1st U2 show.  I was 16 when my 3 friends and I bought tickets (if memory serves I think they were $16!) to the show 2 hours from home only having a learner's permit to get there.  It wasn't going to stop us.  But the parents said no way.  My mother and another guy's mom stepped up and said they would drive us.  One guy's parents said no all together so he never went.  Contacted all of them for this tour and one friend is coming.  The other two were left to their own devices to get tickets and they failed so they are contemplating re-sale to join us.  But with or without those guys I have a large group of the original guys, family, and other friends gained over the years joining me at NJ.  So when you see a group of 15 of us trying to get up as close as we can on the floor say hello!

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Saw them at Wembley with a friend from work and on the way in her car we picked up 3 Australian guys who were hitching to the stadium

That was when there wasn't a seating plan it was first come you got to the front off stage then you just sat in the seats you wanted

Great times

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