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Who wants to join me?

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I got two tickets for pitch 1 (U2 Collector Ticket). I will problably take the trip from Holland to Dublin alone.

So I got one ticket left for an Irish U2 fan who wants to join me to this U2 concert in Dublin. :)


I got some reactions from fans who just want to buy the ticket.

I am looking for someone or a group of fans to join (before &) during the concert.

It is always more fun together than alone ;)

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hi Abbekkerk, did you find a group to go to Dublin?, my plans changed , was going with someone but unfortunately now is cancelled, and i might go alone  and i am a bit worried not really what i wanted.. 


tell me if you will meet people there - i ve got pitch 2 tickets well one for me ..




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10 hours ago, joetracey1 said:

Hi guys 

I am going by myself, pitch 2 ticket

if anyone wants to meet up, 

I live in Ireland 

I sent a private message so we can be in contact, I will be flying to Ireland on the friday 21st of july, I have Pitch 2 ticket as well. so we could hang around, I been in Ireland previously but since now i am going alone would be great to meet. :)




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Hi Sortof_jos, I will be flying to manchester first and then next day (21st) to Dublin- a detour because life circumstances - but did let anything to stop me,,is costing me at this stage a fortune. but hell i am going.. i have pitch 2 as well, with no idea of what i am going to do because my trip last until monday 24th- coming back to Amsterdam. tell me about your plans .. you can send me a private message and share phones we could meet in Dublin :)

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