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Pre-sale code for 2 members of family - can this work?


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So, both my wife and I are subscribers.  I have a "Red Hill" pre-sale code account, and she has a "Wires" pre-sale code account.


I purchased a single ticket for one of the European shows during the pre-sale, but didn't use my code (weird stuff happened on the European leg where they allowed non-pre-sale people to buy pre-sale tickets).  Let's call the card I used for this "Card A"


I got 2 tickets to US U2 show for my wife and son, to which I am unable to go because I need to take care of our younger son.  For that purchase, I used 2 "pre-sale tickets" of my 4.  Even though I will not be going to that, I verified with TicketMaster that she would be able to enter with my son without me being there as long as she uses the same card used to buy the tickets.  I used a different credit card for this one, "Card B"


Now it gets tricky:


They just added another show that's close enough for me and some of my friends to go to.  Wife is unable to go to this show.  I have 4 friends who want to go, and I only have 2 pre-sale tickets left on my account and 4 left on her account.


Can I:


1.  Use her pre-sale code to buy 4 tickets (for me and 3 others), and then have the 5th person buy their ticket during the general on-sale?  These will all be general admission, so we'll all be together regardless.


2.  Should I just buy all 5 tickets at once during the public on-sale?


I'm thinking of using "Card C" for the 4 ticker purchase, because I'm paranoid about messing up one of the other two purchases with the Credit Card Entry thing.


I'm not sure what the right thing to do here is.  I feel like I should use the code since I have it (and we, as a family paid for it) - but the code I would be using is technically her code, not mine.  The ticketmaster site says spouses can be "authorized users" on the credit card account and gain entry, but I don't know if there's a further check to make sure the U2 subscription name is the same.


On the one hand, it would be easier to just use the public on-sale for 5 GA tickets - but on the other, I'd hate to have the thing sell out and us not get tickets just because I'm being paranoid.


Can anyone here confirm that GA tickets were available during the public on-sale - and, if so, were they available for a while, or did they go very fast?

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