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Joshua Tree Bono 2017 versus Joshua Tree Bono 1987


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for me U2 in the end is all about Bono cos he is The Singer



I'm not entirely sure what you mean to be honest. U2 are a band. It's what they thrive on being, it's possibly why many of us stick with them. Bono is the front man - sure - there have been few like him, maybe none like him, but a front man he is. But - U2 are a band like few bands.


There is 'no going back' - for none of us ever - and we do not know how long we've got - none of us.


I just loved U2 as a teen in the 80's, grown up with them, seen some fine shows. Sometimes I think people over complicate stuff.


Id love a young Bono to come out on stage this year and sing high octave like he used to. I'd also like me to come to the show as a younger me this year, yeah, the guy who didn't give much of a shit about anything back in 1987, wasn't sure where he might end up (like everyone else in their late teens at that time) - but y'know what?....whilst we still have air in our lungs - life is good....or at least, tolerable.


Whilst there is no clear evidence on what the band might do on this tour right now - isn't it just great that you , me and them are still alive.




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Sure, rejoice, you might be right


I just feel a bit strange of this TJT some kind of a shared illusion which I am not sure to share


no more but who knows about the next album etc.

for me The Joshua Tree is so very much linked to my own youth and U2, Bono and the band then so it would be very much to go to the nostalgia but that is only my personal opinion cos have also been in Dublin celebrating the band earlier

it was great

wonderful 360! all over!

some wonders I do not dream to achieve anymore 

and The Joshua Tree just gets me back and it is not right and I do not wish to see all the middleaged very well people very well having fun very nicely around and so tame

it is lukewarm for me


(and hey, sorry, Bono in 87 is not Bono in 17 in a female eye - and when you read that well it is funny isnt it? every woman knows what I mean it's alright it's alright, alright and yardie, I tell you something something, I tell you this... you also chose a clip from the 80´s it was gorgeous but now it is another millennium, however thank you for a great song and oh, what a great, lovely performance too)


U2 were not lukewarm they were the essentials

and they still are it does not mean to go to a TJT gig at all

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Any band that is 30 years older is going to sound differently, because ultimately they are.  Time is the great equalizer, for sure.  But the band plays better now than they did back then.  


Can Bono still hit the high note?  Absolutely.  I heard Every Breaking Wave and Song For Someone both nights in San Jose (May 18th & 19th) and he belted it out like a guy half his age.  Obviously, he sang the older hits magnificently as well.  


These guys are pros and will prepare like pros.  i have faith that the show will be nothing less than awesome.

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Jaanakulo...Make up your mind !.....Is this TJT 2017 thing well worth it, are they going back or aren't they ??????


I don't have to think twice....Nowadays Bono sounds really good if he's got a moment o passion or/and inspiration.....So.....No TJT ! Get back on SOE and finish it......Don't overproduce it as a whole, Do it right like you know you can.....Don't  make the voice sound like you're polishing an old coin........The best production a recent U2 album can have is " No Line "  plus Bono sounded so good on it....... On SOI, you can tell some CPU is tweaking his voice to sound better and I don't think it's needed or I don't know..he sounds weird in many places.......Bono has got it but he's at his best when he's passionate about something.......SURE....he can't  ever sound like the 80's or 90's Bono....That's precisely why they don't need to re-record old songs with new vocals........it's like trying to glue together two absolutely different pieces of the cracked pot.......They'll stay glued for some minutes then it will collapse ..........Bono was in maximum shape between 2007 and 2011....More so after his back surgery on the 360 tour.......His voice was really good....And also his attitude...he reminded me of the 90's Bono,even vocally.......Then, after the tour...something happened.......I don't know what that Bayern Munchen Physio Therapist did in 2010 cause he did a hell of a job........but he didn't have the same success-rate with Bono after the NYC bike accident....this 2nd accident might have been really - really bad so no judging here.. ................All in all.....SOI could have been a great album if U2 was U2....Amazing passionate voice....Big Drums.....Experimental guitars..... Can't complain about Adam, he's always cool........There are a lot of things that could have worked better about it.....it seems forced, just for the sake of releasing something......And Edge's decision not to be experimental to such an extent he's barely playing guitar anymore.......

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Sometimes you don't know what you got till it's gone. I am getting older along with U2. His voice may be a bit seasoned but I still find it incredibly comforting, familiar and still Bono. Not sure if they are rerecording all the songs but if they are this is a gift a will treasure.

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