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Does anyone have a spare GA?


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Yes, we have an extra ticket. We wanted two but TM screw-ups resulted in three.


Do you still have this ticket? Would you be willing to mail it to me in Halifax if I send funds?

Thanks, Dave

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I am in need of Two GA tickets as well. I can paypal you etc... I could also swap you tickets for Boston Gillette stadium if that's something you are into? I have had success on this board before, but where as I am trying to secure tickets now before I get on that flight I already paid for, it would be much appreciated if you could mail me the ticket or email prior to the show? Regardless any help is greatly appreciated, and I know they frown on above ticket prices, so let me just say first round is on me.....


Also would love to meet up with as many U2 lunatics as possible...


Derek in Boston


PS To be clear, I will take one ticket as well, not holding out hope for 2 and just shuddering at the secondary market for this 1st. show... 

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