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Let's talk about the set list/ Set List [merged]

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I was just thinking, I recall seeing somewhere on this forum that there was someone who really wanted them to play Bad and I'm sure it's been many years since they have, and the person was pessimistic about ever hearing it again. I'm willing to bet on the good possibility of that being on the playlist for this one, thinking it'll be a lot of very old stuff, everything up to and including JT being possibly on their playlist. Let's hope!!

I was fortunate to hear Bad at MSG on the last tour.  I think they played in the cities where they played multiple nights.  There is a definite feeling or theme with this album and the current times and I think we will hear more from War than UF.

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You guys think we might see Mr Macphisto back at it again it'd be dope for sure he could call the White House or turnp

I totally forgot about the phone calls to the White House.  He could actually bring the gold gifted phone back, it resonates! I really think MacPhisto/Trump persona should appear more than ever and he should sing God Part II...


"Don't believe in excess

Success is to give

Don't believe in riches

But you should see where I live.

I, I believe in love.


Don't believe in forced entry

Don't believe in rape

But every time she passes by

Wild thoughts escape."

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I could see the setlist starting with a 'best of' and then flow into JT staring with ISHFWILF and saving Streets from the first encore.


The Edge suggested that they could include some other songs rarely played but they would have to flow within the overall arch of the setlist.


I'd like to see Silver and Gold, Hallelujah here she comes, Hawkmoon from that era.


Maybe A celebration and 11 O Clock from earlier but hope they finish with 40.

Would love to read your Playlist predictions....

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Still Haven't Found

With or Without You


Running To Stand Still

Red Hill

In God's Country

Trip Through Your Wires

One Tree Hill


Mothers of the Disappeared

Desire (full throttle, full band, with a new, savage Trump Montage) -to signify the end of the JT set and electroshock everybody awake after MOTD

Until The End of the World

Acrobat (fits the current mood, may as well pull this one out while we're at it)

Vertigo-Stories for Boys snippet



Angel of Harlem

The Sweetest Thing

All I Want Is You


Back to Main Stage

​Sunday Bloody Sunday





​The Miracle of Joey Ramone

Beautiful Day



I'm not a huge fan of warhorses, in fact there are a couple in this set list that I would probably use as bathroom breaks, but I feel with the crowd that U2 is potentially going to draw to these shows (i.e. the "casual" fan etc.) this would give us a nice mix of well known material, rarities, newer stuff, JT focus, and current events thematic unison.  Plus, it would flat out rock.  I loved The Sweetest Thing on the Elevation tour...if the boys are going to draw out some fans who have tuned out over the last few years, this might be their second time at "re-applying" for the position...not that it matters now anyways.  I'd rather see them make the music that they enjoy now.  But in my books, any U2 tour is a good thing, and I am anxious to see the JT stuff in full, as I missed out on it the first time, as I am only 36 years old.  Saw 4 of Springsteen's River shows this past year, and they were among his best...so this concept does work if performed correctly.  IMO, it does NOT work if they do not play the album in sequence.  Just doesn't make sense to me....the album tells a story as an album, as a collection of thoughts,  and as a body of work, for these shows, I think its integrity needs to be maintained.  As always YMMV...

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You guys think we might see Mr Macphisto back at it again it'd be dope for sure he could call the White House or turnp

It could happen. It something U2 will have to think heavily on how they don't want to exactly piss off some fans and Bono might have to ask, "Am I buggin ya??" "Don't mean to bug yah" Since they are some fans who aren't exactly behind U2 and their politics. lol 


Even so...like someone said. Window's In The Skies, Walk To The Water, Spanish Eyes, Heartland,  Luminous Times.(Hold On To Love)....B-sides.

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A tour is coming!  

A Tour is Coming!

:rolleyes:   :D   :rolleyes:   :rolleyes:   B) 

:rolleyes:   :rolleyes:   <_<    :lol: 

    :rolleyes:  :blink:  ;)


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Surely The Sweetest Thing is in with a chance given it started as a B side and gave them one of their biggest hits when it was released in support of the greatest hits album?


I could see Desire as an opener, with a video-screen buildup along the lines of the Hollywood remix but focusing on recent political events obviously.

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JT is only 45 mins i believe, and they usually play for 2.25 hours.  so there will be room for a lot more songs.


Edge told rolling stone mag in an interview they will play JT as a sequence....just maybe not in the order of the album.  But he did said they won't open with streets as that requires buildup.  so they will shuffle the order.


as to what else might be played, he said this:

"But I will say that all the old songs are going to be considered and what we finally end up playing will cohere to what the core theme is. You know, we're doing shows in America. We're doing shows in Europe. But certainly the American shows, I have no doubt that a lot of it will be focused on that mythic America that we were writing about during the Joshua Tree."


so, i'm going to guess:

city of blinding lights, angel of harlem, mlk, miracle, california, new york, hands that built

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NYD would be awesome. What I'd like to see, but won't happen, is that they recreate the JT tour. So forget about everything after JT. You know, they basically did this during Zoo TV, when they disowned their early faves. Well, let's do it in reverse. Of course, this would increase the chances of them playing People Get Ready. But, hey, whatever it takes.


:  )

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