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2 hours ago, adrnik said:

I had to look back to what you are referring to as I was confused and thought you got me mixed up with someone else!

There's nothing to apologise for btw and wasn't the slightest offended.

I enjoy this forum as I don't like too many internet forums because of the lack of respect for differing opinions.


Ahh. Too kind. I do respect differing opions though and probably should have been more careful.

As for going to the toilet during ATYCLB songs for me only during the last 4 so you've got at least 35 minutes :D:D:P

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On 5/13/2017 at 5:00 AM, BigBunny said:

am I the only one who would rather hear the entire*POP* album live rather than TJT?

I guess I'm a 90's U2 girl.

Numb promo poster.jpg

No that's what I want too!

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On 2017-5-24 at 3:32 AM, pain_18_ said:

Yeah....And I'd happily go to the loo during any ATYCLB song....:D:Achtung_Baby_25:

I wouldn't during 'Kite' or 'Walk On', the rest are up for grabs.


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