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ha, another anniversary boxset for JT and still nothing, zero, nada for Pop. Stop acting crazy and milking the same album and start embrace your whole discography.

Expect another anniversary box for achtung baby in 4 years

I'm particularly annoyed by this. U2 hasn't been interesting now for half their career. ANOTHER JT reissue? What are they going to release at 40 years? The "Over The One Tree Hill 40th Edition"?


   I totally agree with you, sir !

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Good write up!


It all starts with “Discotheque,” a dancing song with a unique video. I was shocked when I watched it the first time. Today, I think it’s funny, but I’m almost sure Larry wouldn’t agree with me.

You can tell just by watching it Larry doesn't want to be there and would rather be somewhere else.
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I shall have to post photo's of my *POP* collection, including posters!


This album really needs a Super Deluxe version, similar to Achtung Baby. Plenty of live concerts were recorded around the world, plenty of great B-Sides and remixes too.


And great review Pain! Like it :)

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