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What's the craziest, weirdest, funniest thing you did or that happened to you because of U2?


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Hi here is my craziest story. In 2009 i tried to get tickets for Croke Park gigs but it was soon sold out. I was so frustrated i went on fan forums to see if somebody might have an extra ticket he or she would like to sell. Of course nothing like that happened. But i found out about a rumor.it said Ticketmaster was keeping some extra tickets and was putting them for sale a few days after the general sell. I noticed it was not mentionned sold out on thé website but not available. So everyday i tried to get tickets. For about a week it didn't work but one day a ticket appeared and i could purchase it. I became crazy when i saw it, was shivering when i entered all the stuff to make the booking. A miracle! Then I booked a hotel in Dublin. It was almost a year before the gig so the price was ok. A year went bye and i arrived in Dublin for the 3 croker shows. I went to the hotel and... the guy told me there was no booking with my name ! I had the booking paper with me and he said there had been an informatical problem. All the hotel was full due to the shows. I almost started crying. I was supposed to stay 3 nights there. And it was my birthday time. I was on my own. I arrived the day of the first show and thought i would miss it because of all this shit but the hôtel guy was great. He took my luggage, told me to go to the show and come back, he would find a solution. I went to this marvellous gig and when i was back it told me i would stay in another hotel near the city centre. And I found myself in a big suit a room a kitchen a living room for 3 days for the price of a normal hôtel. Best birthday memory ever

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The craziest thing I did for U2 was send Principal management a bunch of resumes in order to score a dream job, but I didn't know about  the rule of them not hiring fans (Oops).Long story short, I hope Principle Management and the band can forgive me for being stupid.       Ok, there ya go I either let go of a regret from my past or made an ass out of myself.  The only thing which keeps me calm is my gut feeling says Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam see fans do crazier stuff and  have stories that would blow our minds.

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