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Fan Parties / Tribute Bands / Events Around The JT17 Tour


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I know we got events already posted in some city topics already, but wanted to add a thread were we can add stuff we know about thats happening in U2 fan world as the tour unfolds. You got a meetup? Booked a cover band? Birthday party of big event coincide with the tour this year.?


Shout it out..

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Hola amigos!


The next april 29 we have our annual party in Valencia, Spain with SPYPLANE TRIBUTO U2 in Sala Rock City Valencia.




You have all info here: http://www.u2valencia.com/web/fiestas-tributos-u2/fiesta-tributo-u2-back-to-the-joshua-tree-con-spyplane-29-abril-2017-valencia


Promo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QT6aXjcE__c


Gracias amigos!!



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Universal Music has a VIP promotion for a Toronto gathering at the Antler Room the day of the show, available through their MusicVaultz site.


Acrobat VIP Bundle (Limited to 150 tickets)

Official Pre-Show Party featuring Acrobat (U2 Tribute Band) at The Antler Room on Thursday June 22, 2017. Located at 146 Front Street West, Toronto.

VIP Bundle Includes:

• A lottery ticket for a chance to win a pair of 100-level tickets to the U2 Show Friday, June 23 and a copy of the super deluxe Vinyl edition of The Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary edition. Odds are 1 in 150. Grand Prize Value approximately $800.00 (Winner will be drawn at the event).

• A copy of The Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary 2 CD Deluxe Edition.

• Limited edition replica poster from the 1987 U2 Joshua Tree Tour.

• Limited edition event VIP Pass to see Acrobat perform a combination of vintage U2 tour set lists from The Joshua Tree era & VIP Lounge access.

Additional Event Details:

• Screening the making of 'The Joshua Tree'.

• U2 pop-up store.

• General Admission is free at the door.

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