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GA at Rose Bowl - the questions people don't ask...


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Greetings U2 fans and friends!


First time post, long time lurker. This will be our 4th time seeing U2 and looking very forward to it! I've had GA for Anaheim and Inglewood in the past but had seats at the last Rose Bowl show.


Most GA people seem to have concerns over things like arriving early, the line before doors open, getting to the rail, etc.. I on the other hand am more concerned about beer lines and where to smoke! 


For those who had GA for the last 360 tour at the Rose Bowl perhaps you can drop a couple hints...


Are there concessions (specifically alcohol) and U2 merch sold on the GA floor? Or do you have to walk all the way out to the pavilion/entrance area?

Same goes for bathrooms... any located on the floor or do you have to go back up to the street level by the entrances?

Is there just the one entrance/exit on the GA floor?

Is there an area to smoke on the floor?



Any info helps. Thanks in advance.


Only a few more weeks!!

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For 360 I recall there was a beer stand on the floor just outside the inner circle. I think. Otherwise you go inside.  I dont know about the larger floor area.

As for bathrooms i dont recall i somehow forgot to go the entire show ( including opening band!) ? But maybe there were some portopotties? 

During 360 there was one GA line and one entrance on the north side of the stadium.

Were all still waiting for the venue to provide GA info for this show .... they better hurry up! A post on another thread says the info is coming soon (maybe via email to ticketholders?)

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In regards to Merchandise and alcohol sales, due to this stage set-up, they were able to sell both on the GA floor, right behind Willie's  bus.  TIP:Every position on the floor provides a perfect concert experience, but if you want to kick it up a notch, stand next to Willie's bus. It is also the location for the VIP'. We effectively watched the show standing next to Gavin Friday, Mumford, and Eddy Vedder to same a sample few.


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I called the Rose Bowl today, and they responded to my every question with "there will be an email on Friday".  Maybe someone else will have better luck, but here's the official word on GA, so far.  I hope/suspect they are trying to avoid the 2009 fiasco. 


from the FAQs:

I purchased GA Floor seats, can I enter the Stadium at any gate? No. If you have GA Floor tickets, you will only be permitted to enter the Stadium at Gate E.

Is camping allowed so that I can hold my place in the GA Floor ticket line? No. Camping is not permitted before or after the event anywhere on the Rose Bowl Stadium property or surrounding Arroyo.  

Where is the line going to form for GA Floor Entry? Gate E

What time can I begin lining up for GA Floor Seating? If you are a GA Floor ticket holder, you will receive an email on Friday, May 19th with specific details. For further information, please visit our Rose Bowl Stadium website, post the May 19th email blast.


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