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Rehearsals (Includes Spoilers)

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Day 4, again "borrowed from atu2.com





After a well-deserved break on Friday, U2 returned to BC Place stadium in Vancouver on Saturday for a fourth day of rehearsals before next week's Joshua Tree Tour 2017 opener.

There was little activity at the stadium until late Saturday afternoon. The band seems to have begun around 5:00 PM PT and, over the course of about two hours, worked on these songs with a lot of stops and starts, multiple takes, etc.:

1.) "Running To Stand Still"
2.) "Trip Through Your Wires"
3.) "Miss Sarajevo"
4.) "A Sort Of Homecoming"
5.) "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
6.) "With Or Without You" (guitar only)

Some fans reported hearing work on "Beautiful Day" and "Red Hill Mining Town," too, but no one from our staff heard those so we're not going to put them in the list above. As always, it's also possible that some/all of the song work above was done by the band's techs.

U2 took the stage at about 9:00 pm PT, following the schedule established earlier in the week, for what's definitively a live, full-band rehearsal. Here's what they played:

7.) "New Year's Day"
8.) "A Sort Of Homecoming"
9.) "MLK"
10.) "Pride"
11.) "Where The Streets Have No Name"
12.) "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
13.) "With Or Without You"
14.) "Bullet The Blue Sky" (with a bit of Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog")
15.) "Running To Stand Still"
16.) "Red Hill Mining Town"
17.) "In God's Country"
18.) "Trip Through Your Wires"
19.) "One Tree Hill"
20.) "Exit"
21.) "Mothers Of The Disappeared" (with "El Pueblo Vencera")
22.) "Beautiful Day"
23.) "Ultraviolet"
24.) "One" (with some kind of spoken word intro)
25.) "Miss Sarajevo" (with some kind of female voice intro)

After "Miss Sarajevo," there was a brief playing of keyboards that could've been the new song heard earlier this week ... or could've been nothing at all.

And that appears to be the end of rehearsal, which wrapped up at about 10:40 PM PT.



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Day 5, "borrowed" again from atu2.com.

After a day off Sunday, U2 was back at BC Place stadium in Vancouver on Monday for its fifth day of rehearsals. The band arrived in the late afternoon and spent a couple hours working on a number of songs, often stopping restarting and sometimes only playing very brief versions. As always, for these afternoon songs, it's possible that some or all were not the band performing, but their stage techs.

A very brief clip of the first song can be heard here -- we're having an internal staff debate whether it's "I Still Haven't Found..." or something else. After that, fans outside the stadium heard the following:

1.) "I Still Haven't Found..." / other? (see above)
2.) "Red Hill Mining Town"
3.) "Running To Stand Still"
4.) "Where The Streets Have No Name"
5.) "Pride" (very brief bit of the song)
6.) "Where The Streets Have No Name" (abbreviated)
7.) "Ultraviolet"
8.) "Sunday Bloody Sunday" (stopped and restarted)

After a lengthy break, and with a few dozen fans listening outside, the band took the stage shortly before 9:00 PM PT for another rehearsal of what appears to be most (or all) of the actual set they'll play during Friday's opener:

9.) "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
10.) "New Year's Day"
11.) "A Sort Of Homecoming"
12.) "MLK"
13.) "Pride"
14.) "Where The Streets Have No Name"
15.) "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
16.) "With Or Without You"
17.) "Bullet The Blue Sky"
18.) "Running To Stand Still"
19.) "Red Hill Mining Town"
20.) "In God's Country"
21.) "Trip Through Your Wires"
22.) "One Tree Hill"
23.) "Exit"
24.) "Mothers Of The Disappeared"

After a short break, similar to an encore break, rehearsal continued with:

25.) "Beautiful Day"
26.) "Ultraviolet"
27.) "One"
28.) "Miss Sarajevo"

Some of our crew thought they could hear more rehearsing after "Miss Sarajevo" -- a very quiet version of the new song that U2 has practiced in previous rehearsals. It's possible the band is working on that song and/or others with the stadium's public address speakers off so that no one outside can hear.

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So if you go with the idea of them playing 23-25 songs, should we assume that the following which haven't been rehearsed will make it into the mix?

I will follow, bad, city of blinding lights?....  Cant imagine they don't at the minimum become the swap out songs?

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Bad, RHMT, Exit, and a certain song that's being rehearsed regularly that hasn't been played in a long time, all in the same set? Y'all gonna need that power washer to wipe up my exploded molecules all over the floor. 


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Day 6, still no Bad. :unsure:

Again, "borrowed" from atu2.com

U2 continued Joshua Tree tour rehearsals Tuesday night in Vancouver, but it was a very short night compared to prior rehearsals.

The band arrived at BC Place late in the afternoon and, not too long after that, fans outside the stadium heard a group of songs that we (and they) seem to agree was not U2 rehearsing, but either playback of previous rehearsals or more likely the band's stage techs playing (because there was little singing heard in this first group of songs):

"In God's Country"
"Elevation" (short clip here)
"Red Hill Mining Town" (organ only)
"A Sort Of Homecoming"

After that, all was quiet until about 10:15 PM PT when what sounded like an actual band rehearsal began with these songs:

1.) "Where The Streets Have No Name"
2.) "Pride"
3.) "Where The Streets Have No Name"
4.) "Bullet The Blue Sky"
5.) "Running To Stand Still" (twice)
6.) "Red Hill Mining Town"
7.) "In God's Country"
8.) "Trip Through Your Wires"
9.) "One Tree Hill"

At that point, U2 had run up right against the 11:00 PM PT curfew and continued with the sound so low it was barely audible outside the stadium. Still, rehearsal continued with:

10.) "Exit"
11.) "Mothers Of The Disappeared"
12.) "Beautiful Day" (audio was turned back up for this song and remained up until the end)
13.) "Elevation"
14.) "Beautiful Day"

And with that, rehearsal seemed to come to an end. (Thanks to Bjorn and Vid for the live streams.) U2's expected to do a final rehearsal on Wednesday. The tour begins Friday!

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Day 7! Again, "borrowed" from atu2.com

U2 was back inside BC Place stadium on Wednesday for what's expected to be the band's final rehearsal before The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 begins on Friday. Band members began arriving at about 4:30 PM PT, and only Bono stopped to visit with fans and sign autographs before heading inside. Today's his 57th birthday, and the gathered crowd didn't miss the opportunity to give him birthday cards, signs and more in honor of his special day.

Shortly after Bono went inside, fans heard several songs being practiced -- again, we're not 100 percent sure if this was the band playing, their stage techs, or even playback from earlier rehearsals. In any case, here's what fans heard in the afternoon:

"Where The Streets Have No Name"
"Beautiful Day"
"In God's Country"
"Red Hill Mining Town" (instrumental)

After several hours of quiet, the full rehearsal began a little before 9:00 PM PT and saw U2 playing a similar set of songs to what they've played in previous rehearsals:

1.) "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
2.) "New Year's Day"
3.) "A Sort Of Homecoming"
4.) "MLK"
5.) "Pride"
6.) "Where The Streets Have No Name"
7.) "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
8.) "With Or Without You"
9.) "Bullet The Blue Sky"
10.) "Running To Stand Still"
11.) "Red Hill Mining Town"
12.) "In God's Country"
13.) "Trip Through Your Wires"
14.) "One Tree Hill"
15.) "Exit"
16.) "Mothers Of The Disappeared" (with "El Pueblo Vencera")
17.) "Beautiful Day"
18.) "Elevation"
19.) "Ultraviolet"
20.) "One"
21.) "Miss Sarajevo"

At this point, the stadium's public address system went quiet, while some fans thought they could hear the band continuing to practice inside.


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