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DOHBOY here. I posted the topic, "Tips from the eXPERIENCED GA-ers".
Thanks to everyone that responded with their advice, tips, and mentoring.
I posted the topic back in December 2014, after I was fortunate enough to get GA tickets,
I was fully intending to arrive at the venue early (6 - 7 am). Since I live 90 miles from the venue, I would be hanging out in line until ShowTime. Most of the replies were posted by the beginning of April 2015. On May 8th, the post from jeffwalsh was the most poignant. Paraphrasing, "Yea, you can arrive early, wait, get your wristband, wait, get in line, wait, run to your spot, wait. I'll show up 30 minutes before the band tends to start and stand 10 feet behind you."

Well, jeff, that must have been a bad night for you. I arrived and was parked at 7:10 pm. Show time was announced as 7:30. Went to the special GA entrance, got my wristband,
stopped for a double gin and tonic, and stood behind a couple on the rail at the e-stage, 7:40 pm. (just to the left of where Larry's drum set was positioned, about four feet from the rail, comparable to the second row). The band spends a significant amount of time at the e-stage. Bono enters from the rear south GA area to the e-stage and the band individually exits the venue by the same path.

jeff, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for the enlightenment of your eXPERIENCE with General Admission. Yea, I understand the joy of sharing time, stories, and enthusiasm with like-minded groups of people; in 1978 I spent 5 days in line to buy tickets for a concert. It's still a fond memory, but, I am so happy I didn't spend 13+ hours in line, waiting for a U2 concert experience that could not be any more fulfilling. If you are emotionally driven to be on the rail, right in front, by all means, follow your heart and do it. General Admission ticket holders - DOHBOY gives testimony - it is not necessary to spend 13+++ hours in line to have a great U2 concert experience. Even if you arrive after the concert has started, you'll be, at most, 30 to 45 feet (about 8 people deep) from some part of the stage, and 25 yards behind you is the nearest seat.

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