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if we could


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Dear music lovers


how great it would be to unite through music and common sense.

for all the hate in this world right now only sheds tears and makes souls bitter and filled with anger.

I hope this tour will make a path for the souls of renewal.

not that a band,album,person,idol, idea or form of any kind would..

just the general idea, we all are brothers and sisters, family..

love for music and understanding of each other will make a better day.

let's lay our difference aside, shake the dust of your feet..

take a step forward and leberate with the free.

we dont need to be gandi or mandele.. a free heart and soul,filled with love will do just fine.

take care now! ;)

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Nicely said!!!

thank you!

for sure this aint the last word and i hope to gather minds and hearts that feel the same to a conversation of understanding each other.

love and kindness will unite.

Greetings to all

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On 2017-5-8 at 6:56 PM, hestia said:

Happy to comply!☺

In troubled times, waking up to freedom is a noble challenge.

Love & kindness are the path to freedom.


the path of freedome is one we all should/could and will walk.. our heart and souls demands it from us.

light and love must return to the source.

Truth will set us free to start the journey.

may you all be blessed 

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