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Vancouver Live Thread #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

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7 minutes ago, mich40 said:

Special thanks go to the people who took the time to periscope and mixlr.

That was pretty amazing!

Yes, you guys at the concert ALL made TONIGHT VERY SPECIAL!

Thanks sooooo much for the Audio and Video Footage, it was spectacular!!!

What a night, what a PERFORMANCE!!!

Thank you Bono, Larry, Adam and Edge!!!!

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On 2017-5-12 at 3:09 PM, jojes said:

10 am ... lucky you ... 4 am here ??

I've had to get up at that time to try for rare Metallica stuff from Metclub. but it's changed now, it's 5th Member... everyone's a member! 

no more worrying about getting a rare Metallica print for me.

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1 hour ago, Ingrida said:

I hope someone creates the pre-show playlist this time like they did for the IE Tour because I heard a lot of great songs in the pre-show mix this time. I think I heard The Pogues! 

- All the young dudes (Mott the Hopple)

- The Stars are out Tonight (David Bowie)


Good show overall despite the chaos outside. Most of the people, like me, heard Mumford and Sons from the outside. Floor was just half filled, I guess a lot of people gave up and went back home.

I found the sound too bright, I'm glad I had earbuds with me.

Awesome screen and videos. Goosebumps on Miss Sarajevo.


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2 hours ago, JMLU2 said:

Please  keep your thoughts on US politics out.......just play your music 

TJT has always been political....  Does it matter if they voice their views? It is kind of the point of the album and the new (old) Tour!!

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5 hours ago, james busick said:

And just because someone is a musician and not an American is no reason for them not to comment on American politics. 

No but the fact that our country is divided and we are sick of having  liberals driving a wedge and dividing us more is a good reason.    Unite us don't divide us.   The time to resist is at the voting booth.  Respect

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6 hours ago, kings said:

Be thankful that both of you have the right to express your politics. If you think U2 will keep their mouths shut as politics hits a new all time low you're delusional. 

Well in my opinion he could find a way to unite us not divide us

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