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Seattle Live Thread #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

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2 hours ago, Lisa420 said:

Dudes, I'm pretty sure the issues with enter were NOT due to BC place procedures, but rather due to people NOT reading the dozen emails that went out about the credit card entry. It was pretty clear, bring ID and the card you used to buy your tickets. If you don't have the card for any reason, contact ticketmaster before the show. The lines we were in moved pretty quickly so I honestly don't know what the hang up was that I keep hearing about. I thought the delay was related to the sun and waiting for it to get dark. I'm kind of anticipating the same type of delay tonight, just not sure we would get the same effect in evening light and it will get dark earlier, especially with our Seattle clouds. All items on the site were available in BC, but there was a BC place t-shirt that is not available on the site. See you guys at tonight's show! Can't wait to see the beautiful stage set against the beautiful Seattle backdrop rather than empty seats!

Lisa has a good point, it very well could be because people don't follow instructions. When I had heard there was only one entrance for BC Place, they made it sound like there was only one entrance for the entire ticket holders, GA and reserved, but it sounds like it was one entrance for just GA ticket holders. For Seattle they have one entrance for GA but four or five for reserved. Hopefully it goes smoother for those in GA and people have read the instructions ahead of time or perhaps they will have staff walking the line to remind people, but I do agree with Lisa, chances are a lot of people never paid attention to the rules of entry. I am so glad we are in reserved and don't have to deal with lining up several hours before.

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2 hours ago, Archangel8005 said:

I've got two GA tickets and can't make it for tonight. Reply for more information.

I am not sure if GA tickets are able to be resold via the Ticketmaster website as a verified resale, you can try as that would be your best option this late in the day.

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25 minutes ago, kj011 said:

How long do people with reserved seats need to wait in line? I am thinking of arriving at the stadium around 5:30pm.  

I think you should be ok. While the ticket says 6:30pm, my guess is the opening act wont' start until 7:00pm. There will be four entrances for reserved ticket holders so as long as people understand that their credit card is required for ticket-less entry and the scanners don't fail, lines should flow smoothly.

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