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Best Place to Stand for GA?

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That is a very difficult question to answer. I'll simply describe the pros and cons of different locations. We were front (well, row 3) and dead center on the main stage in Vancouver. To start the show, the lads arrive on the main stage but walk directly to the Tree stage, so for the first 5 songs (sort of an oldies greatest hits) our view pretty much sucked. But when Streets starts, they walked to the main stage, and for the whole album run through our view was incredible. I will say that the stage is very tall and wide, so it's not like you're within a few feet of the guys, but being so close to that incredible screen is simply mesmerizing. 

Standing at the edge of the Tree stage will get you closer to the bad, and you'll have your own little setlist to start and end the concert, since they also do the last couple of songs there.

So basically, if your priority is experiencing the full power of The Joshua Tree portion of the setlist, go for main stage, but the all around experience might be better by the Tree stage. 

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I just rewatched some of our video from IE MSG #1(15 feet from the front of the house, right on the rail) and the arena stage is much lower and the whole vibe is cozier. 360 presented some of the same scenarios. Where to head to is always the question for folks in GA. Multiple shows certainly helps with the choice process!

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