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Faith..do you have?


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dear reader

u2 used to be known as a band who had their faith in Christ. in these days with the world in rage an anger, war hangin in the air,what band or celebrities speak of faith and believe? there are not much who state their faith and hope for a society based on the Christian beliefs

If former president obame claims that the USA aint no longer a Christian country, what other world leaders will make an example of true principal's? if this gets lost or our moral conscience gets dragged down the drain..where does it leave us?

Maybe you think it's just about the music, but they have always taken a stand for humanity and reason. are we going on,dancing on the edge of the vulcano.. or must it be like bono said: find a common ground to reach a higher ground?

i saw a video today about the poorest countries, while the richest of the world choke on their plenty... too sad..

may the love and light shine upon your hearts.


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I understand improving world conditions as a spiritual awakening, religion can be a pathway to that experience.       Many people many paths.

Faith is an everyday practice, for me, in maintaining a positive outlook & attitude. ( although I have faith in a teacher who says neutrality is the essence to peace.)

Bands and celebrities, from what I've read, many have spiritual faith about which they are open about. U2 have most definitely taken their faith to a new level, bringing us along with them&  inspiring change. And by walking the walk. 

This discrepancy in wealth an resources is a practical matter, beyond some moral imperative. A practical application of values, requiring a mature and responsible approach, as well as compassion and understanding. 

I'll get down from my soapbox now?

I've probably said too much already.

World leaders...I'll have to think on that?

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Last minute left something out
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8 minutes ago, hestia said:

Just seeing what this field required means??

How good to see that a soul really thinks and have an overlook on matters..

just a shame , we have to use a slow form of communiction called words.

Just seeing what this field required means??

sorry.. i dont get this...

we get to communicate, and mearly understand, is this the babaylon effect or the result a lack disorder due to what ever the cause. for i think that it is really simple to overcome our difference, the main goal of all hearts is to be understood and to love and be loved.. not in a wordly way,in the way like we are loved for the kindness we al bare



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In this way we realize our potential as human beings, if we practice love and kindness. 

As human animals we may not be conditioned for this. To be aware of our humanity, while facing our inner and outer contradictions, steadfast & adaptable.

*just some technical glitch while editing*

Now my battery is low..

Off now to catch the rest of the day....???

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