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Ranking the Post-R&H Offerings


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1. Achtung Baby


3. Atomic Bomb


5. Pop

6. Zooropa




Now keep in mind, I've got a bullet pointing upward on the current offering. My long love affair with Achtung Baby is being intruded upon by an interloper.It's unclear exactly how great NLOTH is. The question I'm trying to resolve is where the first seven songs fit as a unit in music history. Songs 10 and11 close out the album on a two quality notes. Eight fits in, but doesn't seem to live up to the quality of the first seven, while nine is a good song, butseems out of place on the album.


What do U say?

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Funny how we both agree on #1, but then flip flop from there.


Off topic, is there any way I can link to all my posts (like from my profile or elsewhere) as a shortcut to see who has replied rather scrolling down throughall of the other posts?

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