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"No word on if pre-sale codes will be a benefit of the 10-11 subscription. No word on what the gift will be."


If you DO NOT use your code for the 2009 shows, you MAY use it for the 2010 shows, that techincally are still hypothetical *cough, winkwink cough*

If you do not use your presale code for 2009 shows, and choose not to resubscribe for the 10-11 year WE THINK YOU MAY POSSIBLY, MAYBE,PERHAPS still use that code for the 'hypothetical' 2010 shows (not a good idea, renew people, renew *cough, wink wink cough* BUT NOT NOW, in October orNovember 09 )


RTFM: http://community.u2.com/topic/1564

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