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[EXPLETIVE DELETED] holding cameras up

phill pohl

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On Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 7:34 AM, SeanGaffney said:

I took a small stand at tonight's show and pushed down as many phones as I could reach in front of my view. I paid good cash to attend this show and waited 30 years to get there - I wasn't going to have it ruined by watching someone else's bright screen recording crappy video in front of me. I asked the people to just watch the show. I got a lot of indignant looks and such, but the people around me started to drop the phones and get into the show. Stop tolerating it, say something and also DO SOMETHING! Don't be violent, just show them that it's something you won't stand for. During the encore, some guy shoved his way up and tried filming over my shoulder and had his flash on for video. I raised my drink cup up in front of his lens to block it. He flipped a biscuit. His flash light was directly in my eye as I was turned around to watch the large screen. Shining a flashlight into someone's eyes is not acceptable in any venue except a traffic stop. Stop tolerating the B.S. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how many around you feel the same way!


Thats what I plan to do if people are doing that BS at shows I go to. Make a stand folks!!

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Lucky enough to be at LA 2 a week ago....an amazing experience, and a great show in my opinion.......

But.....I have to agree with most of you on here......folks, take a couple of photos and then PLEEEAAASSSEEEEEE put your phones away and enjoy the amazing show with your own eyes.

I'm back in the UK now, on a bank holiday Sunday evening, and I've just started Elevation 2001 Boston on the cinema system !

Wow, forgot just how good this was ! 3 songs in, Until The End of The World, EVERYONE's hands in the air........and no "dangerous little devices" in sight ! The way it used to be. A proper U2 rock n roll show !

Looking forward to Twickenham and Dublin, hopefully with less phones held in the air.....

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On 5/28/2017 at 1:11 PM, mickoafc said:

Eddie Vedder is trying to put a stop to it on his upcoming tour...


Good on him!

I've never done anything like this in the past but I did a little digging, found some important names and addresses to the boys and sent letters (1) requesting that video recording of any kind not be allowed in GA and RZ and (2) inform them that some people here who work for the forum are advocating a practice that's against the bands requests.

I also discovered that U2 only lends its name to this site.  Live Nation owns and runs this site for them.  I'd be willing to bet that if the right people know that video recording is being promoted and advocated here, you'll see more clamping down on the practice at shows.

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10 hours ago, StinkyJay said:

I also discovered that U2 only lends its name to this site.  Live Nation owns and runs this site for them.  I'd be willing to bet that if the right people know that video recording is being promoted and advocated here, you'll see more clamping down on the practice at shows.

I think the problem is, U2 sold their touring business to Live Nation specifically because they didn't want to deal with the day to day anymore.  Before the sale (which happened before No Line/360), the band was incredibly hands on about things, from venue layouts to ticket prices to fan experience.  At a certain point, this stopped being a priority for them.  I don't know if it was a matter of exhaustion with dealing with the details themselves (that is, their management, obviously Bono was not going to each empty arena and deciding where the line should fall dividing expensive tickets from cheap tickets), or if Live Nation made an offer that was simply too lucrative to turn down, but the end result is, U2 now says they want to go on tour and Live Nation does the rest.  The band's GA floor has stayed and the GA tickets are still priced lower than the top ticket price, so that must be a request within the band's deal.  But the band isn't handling ticketing or merchandise directly anymore, and it shows.

When U2 ran the show themselves:
-Every ticket on the PopMart tour in 1997 was $50, including floor tickets
-The Elevation tour in 2001 introduced dynamic pricing and tickets ranged from $50-130, floor tickets priced at lowest level
-Vertigo tour in 2005-2006 had slight increases at the top end, with prices shifting to $50-150, floor tickets priced at lowest level
-Low prices kept despite intentional lack of corporate sponsorship

Then Live Nation comes in and look how everything changes
-Corporate sponsorship immediately taken on for their first tour under the deal (Blackberry Presents U2 360)
-360 tour prices skyrocket despite being played in larger venues which allow for more revenue - prices are $30-250+, floor tickets no longer at lowest level
-I&E tour prices continue to skyrocket, prices are $50-300+, floor tickets no longer at lowest level
-JT17 tour prices continue gains, despite only two years passing and playing in larger venues, prices are $50-350+, floor tickets no longer at lowest level
-Band scalps their own tickets through "platinum" programs which remove seats from general seating pool and inflate prices without real perks, thus making it harder for fans to get tickets
-Credit card entry is introduced but not properly implemented, creating two sets of rules: fans who bought tickets they can't use are stuck with them, but unscrupulous scalpers can resell their tickets - band's management refuses to require venues to check ID (which the system requires to work)

The pricing thing is huge... ten years ago, the floor tickets were the cheapest ticket at a U2 show, and the top price was $150.  In ten years, floor tickets are no longer the cheapest ticket, and the top price is at least $350 - there are so many different ticket categories that it's hard to say for sure.  But $350 is more than twice $150, and I know that the cost of goods and inflation has not more than doubled in ten years.  This isn't about keeping pace with the economy, this is a naked crash grab.  And I can kinda, sorta understand higher prices for smaller venues because they do an expensive production and with less tickets to sell, it's harder to make all of that back... but when they're playing stadiums that hold 50,000 - 100,000 people a night, it's hard to argue that there's a revenue need.  And of course they can charge what they want to.  But it didn't used to be about extracting every possible dollar from a fan's wallet.  Sure, they wanted to get paid and were paid well, but it was also about the music and respecting the fans and having a relationship with the audience and believing that music transcended money and that they were after something more than just a payday.

I think they still care about music and haven't set out to rip off fans, but maybe when you're the most successful band in the world, that comes with an obligation to treat fans right, and that's something Live Nation doesn't do, ever, for any act or any fans.  In my view, U2 should not have given up the control over their business that they did when they signed up with Live Nation.  U2 don't care enough about people ruining shows to do anything to stop it.  They gave up caring about the details before 360.

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55 minutes ago, vertigojds said:

I think the problem is, U2 sold their touring business to Live Nation....

Let's not forget merchandise prices. At $40 U2 t-shirts are the most expensive I've seen by far. I was really surprised when they signed with Live Nation as they were a band known for doing it their way and to give up so much control is stunning. As you've pointed out there have been big noticeable changes since 360.

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On 5/23/2017 at 3:02 PM, stacigwalker said:

I agree wholeheartedly with all of you.  I was at the Santa Clara show, GA just to the right of the B stage. I am guilty of taking 5 pictures while a group of 4 women filmed nearly the entire show right in front of us,  I craned and twisted to see the show.  A man standing behind my husband kept hitting him in the back of the head with his elbows when he was trying to film whatever was happening.  Politely asking them to stop has no affect.  U2 concerts have always been a spiritual experience for me, since 1984, they still are to a certain degree but watching the show through or around someone else's screen and the increasing rudeness and inconsideration of the GA crowd (at least the people around us) is very disheartening.    It's not going to stop me from going of course, but I so miss the camaraderie that existed during the show. It's still there in the GA line but it seems like once you get in to the venue *poof* it's gone.

I agree whole heartily also, in 1992 I saw the Zoo Tv tour because a friend had an extra ticket, he came by my job and asked if I could leave early, luckily I had a great boss. It was one of the best shows I had seen and truly a spiritual experience. I attended my first concert in 1973 Egar and Johnnie Winter the tickets were $7 apiece. Everybody went for the experience and some for the drugs and pot(I always enjoyed the natural high (but have been known to partake in sharing a joint, hell people you did not even know would pass it down the line)they were a lot friendlier then.

I have been to fewer and fewer concerts in the last four years, my husband and I went to see Bruce Springsteen and next to us was a mother 60ish and daughter 30ish. Both these women were drinking heavily and pretty drunk they jumped around bumping into us and screamed the whole time they never once excused themselves. Then we attended a Foo Fighters concert and I figued the two young girls in front of us were related to the mother and daughter at Springsteen's concert. It is pretty bad when you end up with a headache at a concert and it is not because of the loudness of the music. Luckily we were able to move seats in the last hour of both shows to seats higher up because of other people moving from their seats to get a better view.  I would have preferred a camera than these two sets of rude women. I guess you have to fight rudeness with rudeness I was not raised to be that way.

 There was a time one would arrived early and would talk to the people around them about fandom and expections before the show started. Then once the show started everybody would either sing, clap, wave lights, or lighters and it was a pleasant experience. When arriving at the show tee-shirts were affordable now they are made in China and screen printed all on the cheap and marking it up over a 1000% or more, so now I walk past them and just buy from the fan sights. In the past when you left the venue you would have a natural high for hours afterward. It was funny watching everybody leave not saying anything just dazed staring back at the venue wondering why the show had to end, if there was talk it was about how great the show was. This started to change in the late 90's with affordable cell phones and large numbers of people who had never learned concert etiquette, courtesy, manners or how to have fun without infringing on someone else's.

I am a true believer in karma, you may not see it and karma can be hell, but what goes around does come around, or you get what you give. A friend of ours and her fiancée came to visit while we were living in Europe. We took them to Paris for a tour of the city and museums, they decided to film as much of the art at the Louvre as they could and view it when they arrived home. They filmed much of the museums art with out looking at it and being very rude ugly Americans pushing people out of their way and they filmed without even looking through the view finder. To make a long story short when they returned home they had very little on film and most was the bottom half of the pictures so that they were not identifiable and they had very little of the statuary or relics. I will always have my memories of such a beautiful city, sights, art, and people and yes I have some pictures, but some pictures fade, but memories and experiences don't!

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