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Advice on best place to stand in the Red Zone


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Just experienced the Houston show. Amazing. We got rail position right behind Edge's keyboard on the Bstage. There was a camera boom along the side of the B stage so we positioned ourselves away from there. We were far enough away from the main stage to experience the full screen backdrop, and it was exceptional, like nothing I've ever seen before; immersive; IMAX on steroids. I can't wait for the DVD. There's so much going on it's hard to do it justice in words. No bad spots, anywhere in RZ. You can clearly see the band on the main stage. People stayed away from the main stage rail and kept on the walkway/runway part of it. We lined up at 2:30 and had great position. Our goal was to get on the rail. If we got there at 6pm we still would have been very happy a couple rows back.  

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I was in H-town R-Zone as well. The band was out on the tree for the first 3 songs and last couple encore songs. my advice is to be as far "up top" in RZ (even with the top of "tree"), at rail if possible and you will get a fine view for those handful of songs. Rail along walkway or facing main stage is a waste. The boom was a medium irritant. Also after the pre-JT songs, we moved back away from rail, PLENTY of room to really take in the main stage, music and extraordinary video graphics. Actually the view got better moving out away from the RZ rail - the band is up on the main stage and fully shifted over to the opposite side of where the tree trunk comes out of the main stage for 90% of the concert. Moving out and away allowed freedom to dance and  nobody hold a damn iphone up in front of your line of sight filming half the concert for unknown reasons... Folks... there is going to be video and one way better than we can take. Sure everyone wants some pixs, put the camera screen on low, snap a few here and there then put the freak'n thing away and watch the magic with your eyes not thru a crappy two inch screen.   Sing, dance, live. Don't record on and on. 

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On ‎5‎/‎20‎/‎2017 at 4:27 AM, mickoc said:

Amazing, thanks for posting.

At the b stage, can anyone tell us who's been, who is usually at the nearest 'branch' to RZ?

Is there a chance that we'll be looking at the bands' backs for those songs?


On ‎5‎/‎17‎/‎2017 at 4:12 AM, nyru2 said:

someone posted this in another thread. assuming all of the shows will be like this. 


I received some great RZ tips for i+e and I want to share my RZ tips from Rose Bowl 1 (beware of spoilers):


- For the first songs, just find a spot close to the tree, but no need to fight for position.  We stood about 3:00, middle of lower right branch where the crowd thins and you are still only 10-15 people deep.  You don’t want to go much higher because the camera boom gets in the way.


BUT, as Pride is winding up and you are signing ohh ohh oh oh, start making your way towards the corner where the main stage meets the trunk.  Pay attention and get in position close to that area before the “branch people” move that way.  You will be off to the left, but still really close to the band for the whole JT set and they will come by.  If you’re bummed at all, take a look back and see how many thousands of people are behind you for a reality check, then turn back around.  I guarantee you won’t care about being left of center. : )


As Mothers is ending, start making your way back to the tree and especially during BD.  The band will eventually finish the night off there.


The crowd is pretty fluid with beer runs, bathroom, etc, so moving around won’t be a problem at all.


One thing you won’t realize is the bass!  It sounds and feels incredible!  The front of house bass speakers must be right under the stage and ANYTHING you record with a cell phone will be completely distorted and unlistenable so don’t bother.  If you want to record anything, keep that in mind.  I recorded the beginning of Streets with a small vid cam I brought and it still couldn’t hold the bass.  Check out my video and pics from the RZ to get fired up!


All in all, it will be a great time and just remember, you basically won the U2 lottery getting in there.  You are one of 500 people out of 70K, 80K+ others, so make sure you enjoy the show with the gift you were given and sing your heart out!


Again, remember any video you record in RZ on a phone will have horrible sound during those bass heavy songs, which is pretty much the whole show, so don’t bother.


Just take a few pics and wait for all the posted YouTube videos from the seats and pick yourself out!  Wear something bright or patterned so you can better see where you were standing.


Hope this helps and sorry for any spoilers!  




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