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Side Stage View

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I am sitting first section to the side of stage 1/2 way up on Red Zone side for Tampa in a month.  Does anyone know if this is a limited view with seats so parallel to the long screen stage?



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Mikenaz, my pic files are too big to upload here but, yes, you will have a true side view.  I was in section 119, row 5, seat 9 from Levi's Stadium which was behind the red zone. This was the second section from the left (as you are looking toward the stage).  There was seating in one half of the section to the left us. They were very parallel to the screen.

The screen is in 3 sections -- 2 flat panels on the left and right sides (well beyond where Edge and Adam are) and a u-shaped section that curves away from the crowd in the center.  The band generally stays in the u-shaped section.

From where we were, we could see the left panel, about 1/4 of the curved center panel, and all of the right panel.  However, due to our angle, it was difficult to read the scrolling text/poetry on the right panel.  No text was scrolled on the left panel.  

Since we couldn't see the entire center part, the images were skewed.  For instance, the desert road looked off because we could see the left side but only part of the right side.  I believe the only perfect undistorted view of the images will occur from close to the centerline.

I can send you pics if you want.

Regardless, it was an incredible  experience.  The boys really ROCKED it!!!  Have an AMAZING time!



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