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The vibe at JT2017 tour

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On 5/25/2017 at 9:18 AM, StinkyJay said:

Went to the Houston show last night and was impressed.  Very impressed in fact!

The boys are showing their age.  There's no getting around that one.  But I think they know it and have adjusted their show accordingly.  The screen is a stroke of genius.  They found a way to seamlessly integrate picture art with music and it made for some of the best live songs i have ever heard.  Exit and Mother's especially.  Anton did an excellent job with those videos.

I was more disappointed with the fans TBH.  Saw three fights around us in the RZ, all three of which were drunk women.  All three were tossed out.  One managed to find her way back in the RZ only to throw a $6.75 12 oz beer on the lady next to me.  And it appeared that Bono had water thrown on him by someone in GA when they started on the B stage.

I gladly didn't get to experience the Houston rowdiness. Dallas was rowdy tonight, as well. Quite a few people got thrown out.


Someone threw water on Bono? That hurts me.

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It surely must be utterly frustrating and off putting for a band based on a strong contact with the audience to meet all that sea of cameras... and yes, I agree it would maybe be better just deny cameras and phones during a concert.

On the other hand a word for the visual genius. For example the picture of U2 under the red Joshua Tree is iconic, a classic image is born, and also Still Haven't Found with the visual idea, oh what a perfection for one of those always touching U2 songs. Admired.

Pretty sure this version will stay with me. The moment to get connected even though not able to travel for a show. Thank you. 


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On 5/25/2017 at 11:48 PM, StinkyJay said:

Forgot to add something about the montage during Ultraviolet ....

Was loving every second of that ... until I saw Lena Dunham come up.  My wife and I looked at each other and was like WTF? Cheapened the montage just a tad.  


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