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GA tips/advice (especially given no inner circle/pit)?


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Yes, lots of good info.  But...not having any kind of GA inner circle/ellipse as in the 360, Vertigo, & Elevation tours is a real bummer because the closer you are, the harder it is to leave/come back to your spot to go to the bathroom, etc.  Vertigojds--what was all that like for you?  And what the experiences of others who got reasonably close like along these lines?

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For me, I came to the show alone, they were letting people carry in food, and I was able to buy a bottle of water and use the restroom before they let people out on the field, so once I got to my spot, for once, I didn't actually need to move anywhere.

A couple of people in front of me who had rail spots were getting up and leaving and returning constantly - at least two trips before the opening act and another afterwards.  They always made it back, but it did seem to take longer to return the later it got.

The most important thing, as always is to try to come back the same route you left, and to let a few people know along the way that you're coming back.  Easier said than done. 

I feel like it's not a problem if you want to try to do it before the show starts, but it gets more difficult afterwards.  Since I was there by myself, without a person to hold my spot, I wasn't comfortable trying it on my own.

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